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Found 7 results

  1. Content for the next 12 months?

    So.. i bought the game+beta 2 years ago and i m a big fan of the project. Saying that, this is all the content we are getting for the next 12 months until they release the next module? I knwo they are working on the gun module and driving module.. but what about maybe getting the rest of the city/map, more things to do, jobs, etc. I m worried becouse people will leave the game in a month (give or take) if this is all the content we have. Keep it up DEVS.. you still have my trust.
  2. As the title suggests. I know this is quite a huge request and it isn't necessarily realistic, but I still wanted to share my idea. Why not outsource 3D content creation to the community? Identity will most probably be a huge success, which I have no doubt about. It might redefine MMO gaming in a way I have always dreamed of. But take a look at the incredible, nearly immeasurable amounts of 3D content you as the developers will have to create. Especially things like cars and customizable parts clothing items all kinds of tools/items and even furniture will require insane amounts of work in addition to the gameworld itself. I don't want to compare GTA in any gameplay-related way, but in terms of the stuff I mentioned, especially the variety of GTA Online serves as a great example for these categories, only in Id everything will be usable and cooler, of course. My suggestion continues as follows: 1. Open content creation and -submission to the community. 2. Establish a jury among your people who will judge all submitted content by criteria like low-poly enough? still quality models? fits the general game art style? still needed? cars: enough customizable parts, enough detail, yet not too much? car licensing? (whole new topic that I don't know about yet) 3. Integrate content that matches your criteria into new game updates, somehow credit the authors. 4. If some really great 3D designers appear to get their models approved frequently by your jury and players use their stuff often in-game, maybe pay them some money or in-game currency (?) (RL-money only as soon as you're making profit with the game, of course) 5. Shorten your development times greatly by repeating 1-4. EDIT: 4.1 Open calls for bids for items you specifically need Greetings, a fan
  3. Will we be able to choose our home country? im personally from brazil and will we be able to choose that country?
  4. hi there, just wondering if this game is playable without having to spend real money? like will any content be blocked unless i pay real cash? just looking forwards to eventually having a awesome house n gear in game. thanks.
  5. Gameplay?

    when will we be able to see a new gameplay of the game there is only one video wich isnt giving us a clue on how the game is playing please upload a gameplay soon
  6. I don't know the ins and outs of game development and publishing, so this idea might not float at all, but to help drum up hype for Identity, you could possibly release videos and screenshots through popular youtubers. That would give them an incentive to post videos about it, and attract the attention of their audiences. For example, Frankie on PC in 1080p has made a video about the game, so he'd definitely be willing to do this. Everybody here would understand completely, and if anyone's dumb enough to complain about 'selling out', it wouldn't be too hard to point out how much this is potentially helping Identity. Thoughts?
  7. DLC?

    Just curious, and want to get your guys opinions on what you would like to see for DLC in Identity.