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  1. Where are the street gangs??

    I don't usually make a habit of 'advertising' my organisation, but we're probably the closest thing you'll find to a 'street gang'. That said, we're more like the Black Mafia than the Crips or Bloods, but we will be heavily involved in the drug trade, and there's nothing stopping you from gangbanging if you so choose. I'll add that we will be accepting members whose only interest is gangbanging. If you don't want to involve yourself in the drug-trade, but do want to sit on a corner, wear our colours, and shoot at people who piss you off, that is most certainly an option as well.
  2. The Network

    Sounds great in theory, but this would be far too easy to infiltrate. In fact, it's a detectives dream. Do you have any measures in place to avoid becoming a shopping list for police?
  3. The Drayton Syndicate

    We're looking specifically for marksmen. If you are a good shot and can play on the Oceania server, send me a private message.
  4. Healthcare- Roger for Governor

    One of the few uses of a government is to implement healthcare. You are absolving yourself of responsibility for perhaps your most important duty.
  5. Myself and the rest of the Drayton Syndicate are interested in an alliance. Message me.
  6. Occulta Family

    Nice idea, but the name is very on the nose. And honestly, the only reason I'd join a group like this is for political influence, so I have a feeling this will be pretty empty.
  7. New gang: Evo Corp

    Well this looks good.
  8. Cook looking for Cartel or Biker Gang

    Another cook couldn't hurt. Read up on the Drayton Syndicate, and if you're interested hit me up in private.
  9. The Drayton Syndicate

    Updated - Added further information. - Miscellaneous edits.
  10. The Communist Revolution

    Hitler wasn't a communist in the first place, in fact he was vehemently anti-Communist. Stalin was a Communist, and we all know how well that went. The point is, communism has been shown not to work. This is a lost cause, admit it.
  11. The Communist Revolution

    Communism has been shown not to work. Also, if you want people to get behind your cause, I'd fix your grammar. Looks very amateurish.
  12. The Drayton Syndicate

    The Drayton Syndicate The Drayton Syndicate is an organisation specialising in the manufacturing and trafficking of illicit drugs. The group is led by Vince “Freeze” Drayton and his younger brother Lamar “Breezy” Drayton, and is mainly made up of young African-American men. In addition to drug trafficking, the syndicate is involved in murder, intimidation, and money laundering. Organisational Structure Much like a mafia family, the Drayton Syndicate is ruled by a single boss, with the help of a second-in-command, who advises the boss and assists in the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Cooks work in stash-houses, manufacturing and preparing drugs for sale. Hoppers or slingers deal drugs on the street under the supervision of a crew chief. All members of the organisation work as soldiers, taking orders to kill rivals and carry out wetwork when necessary. History The Drayton brothers first got involved in drug trafficking when Vincent took a job working for legendary Roseport drug trafficker "Big Rick" Staffield. Vince quickly worked his way up the ranks of the Staffield Syndicate, eventually becoming Rick’s chief enforcer and lieutenant. Vince earned the nickname "Freeze", on account of his cold-hearted and ruthless attitude in dealing with anybody who threatened his or Rick’s power. When he was of age, Lamar began working as a soldier under Vince, and quickly proved himself a competent enforcer. Staffield began to worry that the Drayton brothers were too ambitious and powerful, and so decided to have them killed. "Big Rick" knew that the two were extremely dangerous enforcers, and so had his nephew "Slim Bobby" Staffield throw a pipe-bomb into their apartment. Lamar’s girlfriend was killed, but both Vince and Lamar survived. The brothers promptly went into hiding and began plotting to strike back at their former mentor. About three weeks after the attempt on Vince and Lamar’s lives, the torso of “Slim Bobby” was discovered, headless and without any limbs in the dumpster behind “Big Rick’s” pawn shop. By the time the week was out, “Big Rick” Staffield had fled town, and the Staffield Syndicate was defunct. With the path clear, the brothers established their own organisation - the fearsome Drayton Syndicate. Joining the Syndicate There are a few ways to join the Drayton Syndicate. Firstly, you can simply send a message to myself here on the forums explaining why you think you should be accepted into the organisation. Secondly, if you run into us in RP and prove your competence, we will likely offer you a job. Although dedicated career criminals will feel more than at home in the syndicate, there is money to be made by part-time hoppers who simply want to get some cash in their pockets. In Closing It is important to remember that the Drayton Syndicate is not about gangbanging or thugging. While we bear certain similarities with the Crips, or Bloods (for example), the organisation is more akin to a mafia family than anything else. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or in a private message. As of right now, the organisation has between 10 and 14 active members. If you're up to make cash, reach out and we'll talk. Until next time, It's all in the game, yo.
  13. Fusion Inc / Macle Family

    I like the look of this. It looks a cut above the rest of the families on here. Will this be US based, EU, or AU?