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Found 4 results

  1. My idea for DLC

    So first off hi I just joined the forms Anyways here is my idea on how DLC should work so first off all different maps (Mabey I could go to Australia) could work like planes and stuff (this is someone's idea I'm branching off) so say I brought a season passport (hehe) and I want to go to another island obviously you need to buy tickets IRL but instead you obviously but the DLC but you pay a small fee when getting tickets like $100 but if there is free DLC the price will be a little bigger like $1000 more realistic but once you arrive to the country you will have set tasks optional obviously for example explore the theme park, hire a car but you could also move to the other country so say I want to go to Australia (btw in Australian) I would pack my furniture and put it in my pickup and drive on down and empty it in to the loading bay and hop on the plane and go to my new home (then this could also allow more players in a server at a time but limit at the max on an island at a time) anyway once you get there you see the sites you but a new house and And settle down but also if you holidaying there can be wait for it hotels that you can pay a fee and stay at amagine staying at a 4 bedroom suite with your digital real internet people family amazing anyways that's it for how they should work here is some ideas for DLC Aussie DLC (outback) *explore the sites of movie world, sea world and wet and wild ripoffs *eat new foods (kangaroos crocodile emu) *see new animal Wombats, kangaroos, emus and more *explore Aboriginal culture get body paint and eat amazing plants *explore the island of New Zealand (island off to the side) Fiji DLC (cultural) *Explore Fijian Culture *Eat new foods *New Jobs be a Hotel owner, Culture Adviser, Hotel boy, hotel owner NYC DLC (neon city) *See the big apple *start a business *build an empire *explore the city *new jobs Business owner (manufacturer cars, trucks and more) sport team owner, Game creator (make your own Pokemon Go essentially) thanks for reading
  2. Alright guys, I wanna know a few ideas for some updates you would like to see added during development or for post-release DLC updates when this game is out, similar to what you will find in GTA. (beach Bum, Cunning Stunts, Heists etc.) And yes, I know this is early thinking but I wanna give the devs plenty of thinking time... This can also include things to do similar to say winters-veil in WoW where there are new events also added. Or like Sims where there is new everything since the game is similar. So imagine a World of Warcraft, Mixed with Grand Theft Auto and Sims DLC. Here are my Ideas: LARPers Unite: A Live Action Role Play event has rolled into town, saturated in a farmers field. Dress up in your favorite medieval attire and compete for the role of King... Or Queen with a huge selection of time matching weapons including; Swords, Shields, Maces, Bows and plenty other pieces from the time. Make your own guild of friends and battle for the top spot through forest or field or swamp, battling your way to victory. Place your coat of arms and banner on your property wall and show your trophy and crown off as decorative pieces on your shelves. Also included are new themed clothing (T-shirts and hats), housing options (Cobbled wall wallpaper) and new customization options. (Open to suggestion) Age of Collectors: Are you bored of the same old days, building up your money with nothing to spend it on. Are you a rich entrepreneur with an empty of mansion with no treasures to decorate it with... Look no further! With this update, you can purchase pieces from all over the world, even some that are so limited, people would kill... For it. Fill your apartment with both decorative and interactive pieces including armors from around history, ancient vases and statuettes, weapons and guns from all ages including the western classic, the Winchester Repeater and hundreds of other items ranging from coins to a Picasso worth millions. But be careful, you will need to hire security and set up cameras to prevent pesky thieves stealing your goods to fence off for a pretty penny. The harder the risk the bigger the reward but the more planning needed. I Would love to hear everybody elses ideas for possible additions.
  3. Free Updates

    I think they might plan on doing this already. But just in case they haven't. I'm going to say it. I think they should do what GTA online does and come out with free DLC updates. Add new cars. Weapons and stuff. It will keep players coming back. They should also add map expations.
  4. DLC?

    Just curious, and want to get your guys opinions on what you would like to see for DLC in Identity.