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Found 2 results

  1. Javascript HTML5 web applications would be pretty easy to support being loaded into the in-game web-browser and it's one of the most common / easy to pickup languages making it a perfect option for creating rich and fun new software apps that could be sold on an in-game App Store. This creates the opportunity for players with that kind of background to build out new features into the game that would otherwise take a long time for the dev team to get around to and also gives them a way to earn in game currency. Expansions - API to interact with other in game systems like the stock market, bank, shops, factories, phone GPS, security systems etc. - Live linking to real externally hosted (Approved) web applications further increasing immersion and crossing the bridge between in game and reality. Essentially I would think it'd be neat to have an in-game editor for building these, but lets face it, if people are allowed to create applications like this, most are going to use an external setup and just spit out a minified javascript bundle, copy the code and paste into the in game editor to spin up their web applications... which isn't a bad thing really as it saves the hassle of building a fancy IDE in game.
  2. Hi there fellow Identity players! This is my first post here on the forums and I do have to say I am very excited to see what's next for the development. I can only imagine the enormity of the task before the developers, and for that, I commend their continuing interest in such a game. Many players including myself have been looking for a game such as this for a very long time, unfortunately, of which the major studios never found an interest in. I will spread the word on my YouTube account when appropriate (about 4k subscribers) because I want to see this succeed and get the funding it deserves. There's much more to talk about but for my first post I'd like to ask what we'll be using, as citizens, to design, develop, and implement new products such as clothing. Additionally, from what you know, what kinds of items are able to be produced? Are we limited to clothing, shoes, etc. or will there be a vast variety of designed items such as vehicles, sunglasses, suits, ties, cosmetic items, wigs, etc. I hope to see an easily usable program that any player can pick up to design products. Second Life is really the only other example, but I feel this interface is complicated and not easily picked up. Thank you!