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Found 4 results

  1. A long time ago, I made an online tool located here That basically let's you fill out your character information. And use it as a signature. I haven't really been too active with advertising it. As I've been busy with other stuff, and not really sure if it's ready or not. But some of you have already been using it trough my signature. Which is awesome! I never actually expected to see anyone else actually using it on the forums. But I have, and it's so awesome. Thank you to those who have already been using it. And I do hope more people will find it useful as well, and might actually enjoy it. Of course, this would not have been possible without the great art work by @Bryzha. Because I'm a terrible artist. And Bryzha is amazing! And I also had a little help from EasterEgg and Kuzkay. (Who never got back to me with their forum usernames so I can't properly credit them.) With that said, if you wish to help out by making more overlays. Send me a PM, and we can talk about the technical details. Again the URL is if you're interested in checking it out. Oh, and feel free to post your creations in this thread. I would love to see what people come up with! I'll start with a couple...
  2. Javascript HTML5 web applications would be pretty easy to support being loaded into the in-game web-browser and it's one of the most common / easy to pickup languages making it a perfect option for creating rich and fun new software apps that could be sold on an in-game App Store. This creates the opportunity for players with that kind of background to build out new features into the game that would otherwise take a long time for the dev team to get around to and also gives them a way to earn in game currency. Expansions - API to interact with other in game systems like the stock market, bank, shops, factories, phone GPS, security systems etc. - Live linking to real externally hosted (Approved) web applications further increasing immersion and crossing the bridge between in game and reality. Essentially I would think it'd be neat to have an in-game editor for building these, but lets face it, if people are allowed to create applications like this, most are going to use an external setup and just spit out a minified javascript bundle, copy the code and paste into the in game editor to spin up their web applications... which isn't a bad thing really as it saves the hassle of building a fancy IDE in game.
  3. Hey, So like, I haven't actually bought Identity yet as I'm a little low on funds, but I'll probably pick it up end of this week. I was just curious if Identity has an web API, probably one which requires a developer account and API keys so developers can be tracked so malicious apps don't become a problem. If there isn't currently an API, I was wondering if there will be plans for one? I'm a developer myself, can't say what I specifically develop as I'm always changing, but I thought it would be cool if I could maybe make an app or website that could manage inventory / view stats / maps of the user's current world etc. Best Regards, BritishHumor
  4. Why HTTP and not HTTPS

    The title says it all, figured that HTTPS is way more secure than HTTP. You payment sites are HTTPS if I am correct with is great! But (...) I think that in the future HTTPS would be greatly appreciated as it would improve the site's security. Best Regards !