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Found 3 results

  1. I believe it is fair for the community who supported this game to get extra in game items as a reward for our patience and tolerance towards the developers. We showed our devotion and trust to you by not claiming a refund. Its your turn now @Developers.
  2. Hi guys I am New to Identity just pledged this past weekend, (got my little apartment and garage I wasn't referred here by anyone I just randomly found it on the web looking at new games coming out in 2017. I been reading all I could find out about it the past few days. I am really like'ing what I am seeing. Its a shame there is not more marking for it but I understand with this type of crowd funding that the devs spent most of their time an money into making the game and not advertising . That's where we the fans come it. ) "Idea / Suggestion " I was thinking about Identity having some kind of referral program , where current backers could recommend the game to their friends and if those friends then pledge a donation to the Identity game development , the original backer and the new backer they both get a referral , point, star, credit whatever... The devs can then decision on a reward , for example 5 recruitment points will get you a Limited edition lava lamp for your apartment that you can only get from the referral program. Nothing game braking like more cash or cars or anything ridiculous, but a token of appreciation that's merely cosmetic and players can show off to their friends to show how they help grow the game. I have personally seen this work in other crowed funded games and I believe the word of mouth from fans is the best way to help a game and its community to grow, and these programs just help give it that little extra nudge in the right direction. Best Regards Kami
  3. Will all the items and rewards that are available in the shop be available to the rest of the community players? Are the pledge items limited/exclusive to those who pledged or will they be available to all players, supporters or not, once the game is released?