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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the Identity Forums!

    Welcome to Identity's Forum Page Congratulations for already making it this far. Finding a forum page can be difficult for the new player. You may be wondering what exactly you do on a forum page, or you know what a forum page is, but unsure how to navigate the complex layers of topics. In order to be able to comment or create your own topic on Identity's Forum pages, follow these simple steps. 1) Create a Identity Forum account. Top right corner of your screen. It should only take several minutes. 2) Once created you can customize your profile. Create a signature, background, and profile picture. -As long as it's appropriate. 3) Once customized you may now comment, and post your own topics, as well as messaging players. -Please be polite with this new power. 4) You can also read other people's topic. If you want to read about gangs and vigilante groups, click browse, then forums, and scroll down to the careers section of the page and click, "The Hideout" Then you may read whichever topic interests you! All topics are created by real people, with questions and answers. Go crazy!
  2. The Dollars

    JOIN THE DOLLARS We Strive for Strength In Numbers but value Anonymity. The Dollars allow people to anonymously contribute to the community without choosing sides. Unlike the Mafia and crime families. The more people who join, the more powerful the group becomes. Members will always have someone to call in a bad situation. With any luck, the organisation will become a significant force in the gang community and will be reputed as a powerful group. We hope to have members all over the game world. This will ensure that everyone has backup, wherever they are. As our members gain power and resources, so does the group. Our various connections will give individual members more power. If a member wants something, somebody can give it to them. To Join, you must simply use this image as your cover image on your profile: and introduce yourself in this topic thread. We are not criminals but we will not let the law stand in the way of our goals. If we don't like you, we'll come for you. We hope that the group will help new members, with little power, achieve what they want from the game. Be that creating a new business or fighting for what they stand for.
  3. Cyber Security?

    Is Identity going to contain Information Technology career paths? I know it'd be quite a lot of coding/scripting needed to make a virtual world within a virtual world, but is there any possibility of seeing this in the world of Identity?