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  1. Opinions.

    Because most of the attacks on them are unreasonable.
  2. Opinions.

    You’ve wasted a lot of time spouting garbage.
  3. Biggest Development Flaws

    They can’t release the current version if there’s a flaw that causes a database crash... Don’t understand the logic in the first one. Addressing number 5, your entire point is undermined by the fact that most people who are complaining are complaining based on an emotional response and a general lack of information on what’s currently going on. It’s not that fucking hard to figure out why they’re not releasing the current build immediately or why they’re not releasing the website (I know they have but it was a common complaint before). This isn’t rocket science. I don’t feel like addressing any of your other points personally but if you’d like me to, I’d be more than willing to.
  4. I was wondering when people can just look up these things themselves. It’s not that hard to see what it’s for if you go into the devblog section of the forums.
  5. dont think this game will ever come out

    Except that these questions have been answered multiple times in exact carbon copies of these threads. It gets old dealing with these threads because it's just a shit storm of people who all agree that the game is going to be shit and/or will not release and we're stuck defending the title. It's not difficult to understand why it's not out, and it's not all due to the developers themselves. They've had multiple stops with other companies waiting for assets/textures from their sister company to be implemented, their new website is being held up by the company assumably providing the means of hosting the website, and, despite others thinking the contrary, they've been developing the base mechanics of the entire rest of the game. Does nobody understand that it's not just 'apartment designing' and 'animations' but the actual systems that run in the background for the game? Think about an operating system, and then the services running in the background. The services help the operating system function. The systems being coded provide function for the rest of the entire game. This isn't a difficult concept to comprehend. I've been following this game since their Kickstarter, checking in about once every three months or so since (hence why I didn't sign up immediately when the site went up), and the pace of development while seeming slow, was expected for what I've stated previously.
  6. dont think this game will ever come out

    Is anyone else fed up with these controversial titles and then the actual content of the original post just being "haha just doing a poll for fun hehe!! c:"
  7. Devs are still testing...

    Tell me where you’ve seen anything specific, such as this, on the tracker.
  8. steam verification takes 1 week generally.
  9. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    The argument was more to be taken as a friendly jab, but I digress. You're being that guy.
  10. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    Wait is this a capitalist establishment?
  11. What is this shit

    They lack the intelligence to form proper sentences, which means they lack the intelligence required to come to competent conclusions. This also includes researching answers to their own questions, reading the words on their monitor, and comprehending that just because errors occur does not mean everything is fallacious. The obnoxious attitudes and stupidity that @HairyGrenade, @LuckyDuck and the Identity team have to endure is unbelievable.
  12. Is this a scam or a game

    What the fuck are you on a about? I’ll repeat my arguments for you, and hopefully you’ll be able to comprehend them. Nobody wants to hear you bitch like a sperg. If you truly do not like the game developers and highly distrust anything Asylum releases, then ask for a refund. Your attitude overall on these forums is insipid and juvenile. It’s fine if you want to be that way, but no one wants to hear it. Get a refund and quit bitching or fix your attitude and reconsider what may be afflicting Asylum from releasing the module and/or their new website.