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  1. Game play Video - Yes or No? POLL

    The UI would be nice to see, but I believe the walking animations is important as well.

    The graphics hopefully get improved
  3. Game play Video - Yes or No? POLL

    I agree, GTA V trailers are much longer and well done. I get that GTA V has almost an unlimited budget, but I have seen youtube videos made my children better than the teaser.
  4. Game play Video - Yes or No? POLL

    I agree the video seemed very un-polished and unprofessional. I am pleased that actual gun use was showed however.
  5. Anonymous

    No I totally agree, although I believe at a point a monopoly or a group becomes too powerful and uses their power poorly. Regular "dick" ness happens but in the extreme Anonymous is there.
  6. Let's Build a Future Together

    2052: Motown appears in the Simpsons and releases Identity almost 30 years after it was said to be released
  7. Identity Crime and Memes Gameplay Video (parody)

    Actually kinda funny
  8. Gun Store Ownership

    Unfortunate you can't own a gun shop
  9. Keys High-End Apparel

    I love the role play that goes on, but idealistically you would have to be on the same server
  10. Political Analysts

    We haven't seen any political gameplay yet
  11. Luprano Family

    There is a pattern of recruitment Frank, all the people have Italian/gangster profile pictures. They usually only post once and get one like
  12. I believe that the game shouldn't be so maintained and robotic, but more free styling
  13. [FR] Addict Life RôlePlay

    For everyone who is hating because he is french, google chrome can translate a page for you easily
  14. Hello from Germany!

    Hey once again, be patient and don't be too excited
  15. Game play Video - Yes or No? POLL

    It's been awhile since I've posted but I was curious to what everyone thought about the new video. So here's a poll: My personal opinion of the video is that for the amount of money and time spent for this one video it was poorly done, the acting was unnecessary and it was too short. This is my personal opinion and you are absolutely entitled to your own personal beliefs. If you haven't watched it yet here's the link then vote;