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  1. What will you RP in identity?

    Perhaps I need to keep an eye on you too... Just to make sure you're not a threat to vixs and my love! Lol
  2. Radar?

    Will your character actually get one to carry or will it be only in your police car
  3. What will you RP in identity?

    Lol. I can have a dark side and love life can't i!? Besides they would have to catch me. You think there will be a paparazzi ?!? That would be cool and make things interesting
  4. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    This is a great way to make money and for protection. Looks like there will be competition right off the bat for some of you guys other there.
  5. What will you RP in identity?

    @Arlmar decided mine already. So my rp roll is I want to be a governor but in my off time I lust over @Vix the stipper/dancer. But I have to be careful because Arlmar is the bodyguard/driver of Vix. And whenever people start getting to close to Vix I get over jealous and have them... Taken care of... Haha that came up partly in a forum chat. But I really would like to be a Governor. Otherwise I will have to come up with a good part
  6. Speed limits

    Timmac is the best. But ragdolling at high speed crashes is a most.
  7. Streams

    If a ciop sees you off of twitch, that's stream sniping. Not fun or good for rp. I would love to stream this. Never streamed before so this will be a good starter!
  8. Geography Game

  9. Continue The Story

    Solve this issue by the only means possible. He...
  10. Fatigue

    I can run all day?!?
  11. Anyone else think they can pull this game off?

    I feel they can. They have been hard at work getting us new information, ideas, and answers to questions we ask within a reasonable time about what the game will be like. I feel they can get through this.
  12. Other countries

    I agree JC, having a plane to fly you to another country (server) would just add in needed NPCs and if people don't change servers that often, they would be rarely used NPCs and the devs would have put a ton of work that hasn't been started or planned for something not used often.
  13. Peaceful world

    Simply in this game, rp seems like a lot of it will be based of violence and or trouble caused in the world. If everyone were good. Things would surely get boring over time and not be interesting. With people doing very different things such as good and bad, the story of each person will be much more interesting making to rolls much more fun.
  14. A Message to my fellow officers of the law.

    Not going to be a cop but respect to you sir... That was good and sad
  15. Abandoned Buildings

    So would abandon buildings stay public and can not be purchased to rebuild and or restore them?