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  1. Police in the Town Square Module

    You will only be able to do small social things in the town square module and customize your character! If you have not aleardy, read more here
  2. The hype is too real

    It actually is not, they wrote on twitter that it's for the game, not the module.
  3. Custom Company Logos

    There will be a emblem editor ingame, will edit the post if i find where they wrote that!
  4. Relationships

    I don't know about the economy side, but you can live togheter and get married.
  5. The First Thing You'll Do?

    Same here
  6. Banking system

    Well, i hope this game has a bank feature similar to gta v. You can have a little cash on your hand for buying small things here and there. But also a viritual bank that can be accessed thru your phone or computer and to use that money you use a bankcard.
  7. A keyboard would be awesome, personally love keboards!
  8. Hello from the other side...

    Hallo, guten Tag Robert! Anyways, wishing you a big welcome from Sweden. Auf Wiedersehen
  9. Hello!

    Another guy from Sweden here, välkommen!
  10. Beta acces

    Late 2016/Early 2017 they have written on their twitter!
  11. Types of Vehicals

    The only thing i know is that they have confirmed that it will not be any air vehicles, but cars and possibly boats will be in the game.
  12. Horses?

    The only information i have about them is this, but atleast it's a good source! As i saw now it was not a direct text saying that it will come horses, remebered it a bit different. But a Wild West themed dlc sounds like it could have horses in them.
  13. Illegally parked cars

    If i'm not completly wrong, a tow truck will be alerted. If no one comes, it despawns. Im pretty sure they wrote something like that on twitter.
  14. Allotments

    Amazing and creative idea! I hope it will be in the game.
  15. agriculture

    Would be awesome with such a complex farming system in identity as farming sim 15, as i'm a big fan of that game. But i think i am going to go Nutterbuggers way and that i will just be maybe a little tomato plant on your balcony and some hidden weed plantages. But who knows...