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  1. Hey, I would be really interested in joining your Family, although I live in Australia I am used to playing on foreign servers with horrible ping.


    Just a bit about me, I never really got into Arma 3 life (which I believe the devs of this game worked on before) however I ran a lot of mafias's in darkRP on Gmod server called Poseidon Servers, in which I would put on my best Russian accent (I am half Russian irl) and run my "family" I was very successful at until the server became a toxic haven for trolls, I would love to join your "family" and work  my way up the chain. My strengths are organizing and commanding, planning, propoganga/advettising (irl i am studying marketing which is exactly the same as propaganda) However my very real wakeness is that i am not the best at PVP


    p.s. I have the founders pack with the rusted car and am thinking of upgrading to the studio apartment on.