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  1. Black Market Discord

    That problem is easy enough to handle. After getting things settled on Discord set up a coincidental meet up/over hearing/etc for the buyer so they know who to contact for stuff. Then have them contact the dealer and tada. All this should be roleplayed btw.
  2. Aegis Security Consulting Jobs

    I have applied.
  3. Hitmans R Us™

    I must say, I did not realize killer-for-hires are so common that they are putting out advertisements. I would think this would not particularly be helpful when dealing with the authorities.
  4. I've been following Identity since before the first forums came online and one question that I haven't really gotten an answer to is what type of RP the devs are trying to make. Now let me give you some background first to why I'm asking this question. I come from the Gmod RP community which can generally be divided between two types of RP: Hardcore RP and DarkRP. Now Hardcore RP is (in my opinion) true RP. Most servers on Gmod catering to Hardcore RP has voice chat either turned off or limited to mods and admins, any and all interaction between players goes through text be it actions (/me or other commands) or general chatting between characters, and OOC (server-wide OOC text) being generally frowned upon in most servers I've been to unless its mods or when there is jack shit going on; LOOC (within only a certain range of hearing, hence Local OOC) accepted unless in active RP or one of the more hardcore servers (been to one where any and all form of OOC chat is a no no unless admin or working out a problem). I generally like this type of server as its my bread and butter and what I consider to be Role Playing in it's truest sense of the word. It gives off and encourages full immersion and I've had the most fun, hilarious, and utterly weird as fuck experiences playing these type of servers. Hell, one of the better interactions I've had had gone on for hours and included firefights, casual chatting, and camaraderie of the best kind ending in everyone involved getting an awesome payday, guess you could call it an event chain. Now DarkRP is the opposite of Hardcore RP and is generally looked down upon by the Hardcore RP community. DarkRP is much, much more casual: open mic for everything, jumping around as a common form of travel, little to no actual RP other than being titled as such and such and general messing around for fun. Each their own I guess and as long as its fun for you. But I don't really like playing DarkRP. I've personally tried some of these servers out myself to see what they're like but each time I've just been put off by the big drop in type (quality?) of RP in those servers. Whereas in a Hardcore RP server, say for Fallout: New Vegas, there isn't a job you can just get voted into, everything you have to sweat blood and tears for. Want to be a bartender? Go do some jobs and get the caps to open up a bar. Want to become a well-known merc/bounty hunter/assassin (That's me right there biznitches) with good gear? Go take jobs and get the connections with the right people. It'll take time, yes (weeks to months), but it was fun as fuck. That is just one of the differences between the two. I've seen a bit of Altis Life and some Arma 3 RP server on Youtube, and I guess it could be said to be a kind of between the two. But it kinda lacks the feeling of you can be whatever the hell you want to be: female wandering merc, male bar owner, etc. I mean, do you want to hear a guy's voice coming from a female character? If it was a game like Planetside 2 or something it's fine (least for me) since they're basically throw away chars, but with a storied character? I feel like I went into a sort of tangent here, so I'll restate my question, what kind of RP are you devs trying to make for Identity? Something like Hardcore RP? DarkRP? Altis Life/Arma 3 RP? (Please do note this is all from my experiences and they're all my opinion on the matter)
  5. Black Desert

    Rumor mill is saying that ninja/kunoichi is coming out late April, but that's the rumor. And yes, you only have to buy it once. It isn't a subscription game like WoW or EVE Online (which is also fun as hell xD)
  6. Underworld Roleplay

    Interested, Gmod correct? If so, what packs, if any, do I need to download?
  7. Anyone Interested in a Pub/Bar?

    If I can't own a bar and be the cliched badass bar owner behind the counter, I'm going to riot. I want to own a bar damn it! Do you know the amount of RP a bar can generate!?
  8. Tom Clancy's Division

    Yep, in the same boat as you. Played the beta, oh god all the visuals are glitching every other second! Guess I need a new processor.
  9. How are you goind to prevent?

    You don't need a high-powered rifle to be snipers. Hell, back in the American Revolutionary War you could kill someone with a muzzle-loaded CARBINE at 100 feet and be considered a sniper, using a hunting rifle with 2x scope is good enough. (FYI, yes there will be hunting rifles) To also put some assurance, this is going to be an actual GAME. Meaning that it isn't like Gmod where anyone could more or less do anything they want. Here the devs actually put in game mechanics specifically to limit player abuse of the system and whatnot. These guys (or at least the head honcho from what I remember off the top of my head) made Altis Life, rather popular RP mod for Arma III, so I would think he isn't a wannabe game dev who hasn't experienced what we gamers have playing those games and not know something to what we have gone through. *Cough* Gmod Dark RP *Cough* *Cancer, kill me now *Cough*
  10. Black Desert

    Shitty thing is they don't have an assassin class or any equivalent. But its really in depth with everything. Good graphics and good crafting and combat system. So fun.
  11. Nudge nudge, would also like to know.
  12. Black Desert

    Anyone else planning to play this game? I bought the Explorer's Package, char is going to be an assassin equivalent class, so the Ninja/Kunoichi class.
  13. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    Vector please, and a CZ Scorpion evo 3 if possible. But mainly the vector and allow modding for it. KRISS Vector CZ Scorpion evo 3
  14. I will be starting a bus company!

    Eh, there already is a transportation company: Core Transport. So, making another one will just increase competition between the two of you. But then again, if you do make it, at least price will probably go down.