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  1. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    I actually have been thinking about it, in fact, I'll take it into consideration.
  2. Aldo's Clean Up Services

    Who's to say my 'company' won't offer such services?...
  3. Famtiano Family

    Men like you, are why I call cops pigs.
  4. Serious Roleplay

    Christ!... 0_0 I can only imagine....
  5. Serious Roleplay

    They'll end up dead too, most likely. ESPECIALLY if they try to R Kelly me, I'm not about to have some homeless prick urinate all over me and walk away alive. Hell, they'll be lucky if I just put'em in a wheel chair.
  6. Serious Roleplay

    Yeah, having to deal with little kids texting you on steam about every single little problem they had nearly drove me goddamn crazy! But geez, I could never handle being an admin, I would've just deleted my steam and gmod altogether if I had to deal with anymore of that......
  7. Serious Roleplay

    Jesus, I use to moderate a gmod darkrp server. WORST Decision I ever made...... I'm hoping for serious role play as well, not that semi-serious bullshit.
  8. Create Your Identity

    Name: "Aldo Leo." Age: "26" Race: "Italian..Strictly Italian." From: "Naples, Italy" Appearance: "5'11, clean shaving, guinea..." Attire: "I prefer to wear Italian tailored suit's.." Job: "Do ya really want me to say it?....Fine..I'm one of those guys you would see in Good Fellas, or The Godfather.....A Wiseguy, A Mobster, Mafioso, whatever you would like to call it." Detail of house: "Ya want my ATM PIN code too?...Forgeta Bout It." Detail of Vehicle: "Preferably a Muscle car, or a Cadilac...Either one will work." Personality: "I ain't gonna lie, I'm brutally honest and a huge asshole....But I'm willing to give someone respect if they deserve it...." Background: Aldo is a classical tough guy who grew up in Naples Italy, his father, uncles, brothers, were all connected with the Genovese Crime Family. Aldo began his life of crime at the earliest age of 19, after graduating from his private school, he quickly got to work with his family, running chop shops and illegal card games for his older brother Marco, and his father Daniel Leo. After the passing of Vincent'The Chin' Giagante, Aldo's father: Daniel, was promoted to boss and now held control of the family. Upon having his new promotion, Daniel sent Aldo over to the island of Identity, to see what his son could do on his own. Aldo was given permission to join other crime families, and in which began his test. Aldo is currently eager to back to business and start up something in Identity, not wanting to disappoint his father.
  9. A Mafia Commission

    Just stay out of our business, and ya won't end up on the hitlist, capisce?
  10. 300 Block Boys

    Well Vix, I'm sure there's a gang or crime family that's willing to accept you..Somewhere within the forums...
  11. IDENTITY'S Criminal EMPIRE ( I,C,E )

    Heh, Look at this 'tough' guy! Lemme buy you a pack of gum and teach how to chew it! Out of all of the criminal clicks and "orginisations" that I've seen on this site, THIS ONE has got to be one of the worst ones! I'm sorry if you feel offended but the others are right! Your already digging your self in early grave by making other criminal factions your enemies. And Christ,you can't even spell right!....I can barely hold back my composure of laughter as I read through your post. Listen "Tough" guy, if your smart and plan to have a longer existence within this game, you'll forget about the choices you've made here today. It's for your own good. Not much else to say here...... Just rethink this decision, I hear the banks over in the legal section of the forums is offering a spot for hire. PLEASE do not take this as a insult, I really apologize if my comment sounds insulting or harsh, I'm just very, very brutally honest when I express....My thoughts to certain forums.
  12. Question for everyone

    I wouldn't say the Italian Mafia is dead or has died out.......If you got to Italy today, ESPECIALLY Naples, you can still see plenty of wise guys still working the corners there. In fact, they're presents is still so tough, when the cops do raids there, they have to wear ski masks and voice changers.