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  1. Video

    I have been waiting at the end of my seat to finally watch real gameplay, but it feels like it will never come out. WHERE IS THE VIDEO? COMMON
  2. Vigilantes and bounty hunters

    I think that is too of a complicated function for identity's development right now, having distinct body part damage I mean.
  3. Vigilantes and bounty hunters

    If this system is in place I don't want it to be like gta5 were you just kill the guy instead you have to bring them alive to the police if you're a bounty hunter to get your money and if you are a vigilante you should have to drop them off close to a police officer or police building. I'm not sure what you'll use but I would appreciate any ideas about knocking people out or having something to transport them with.
  4. Hello

    Is it me your looking for
  5. Xbox One?

    Your right man I'm sorry it was meant to be joke but in reality, the PC is better tho I won't go into the specs but like you said you guys that play consoles need a chance but still talking about a game that is not even out yet going to consoles is outrageously dangerous is you know about The Stomping Land people were going crazy over how it would be so awesome on there when it never got more than 3 and a half updates just an example, what I'm trying to say is don't talk about consoles before the game even comes out we don't know if it will even be good.
  6. Xbox One?

    I hope it never reaches consoles or macs/Linux one because people will go too crazy there and because PC MASTER RACE RULES!!!:D i need a life pls help ;( jk
  7. Jail Time

    What will the average jail time is or specific times for different offences such as: Murder: Buying or Selling Drugs: Making Drugs: Holding illegal firearms: Shooting cops: Stealing from a shop vs a bank: or how much money in fine/tickets: going too fast: parking on the wrong place:
  8. I Hope to become famouse

    i really do but my spelling omg .....................dont care ..................you grammar nazi scum
  9. Can i join 

    1. KevinLangston


      Send me a message, private one. 

  10. Question

    If I pledged 25$ in the first Kickstarter thing do I get early access too, like the 30$ one