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  1. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Happy To be in the family
  2. The Market

    Will servers be very dependent on players making items and selling them like eve online for instance, or will there be items in the game which are always available and staying at the servers default price.
  3. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Glad That I've been added to the family and looking forward to some work.
  4. How does jailtime work?

    Will you be able to smuggle items into the prison with you e.g a cell phone so you can control your criminal empire whilst in jail and serving hard time.
  5. Death

    When you die in identity will it be a perma death so you lose everything and your character is removed from the server and you have to create another one or do you just respawn in a hospital and loose what ever you had on you?