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  1. Tough choice Mafia Thread

    Sorry was looking for input from fellow adults. So thanks for the "simple" comment
  2. Tough choice Mafia Thread

    I have been trying to figure out what i want to do in this game and in this topic i would like to talk about the mafia side of things. I would like any one and every one to please flood this with the perks and downfalls with starting a crime syndicate. If i do i already have almost all the layouts already made but i'm kinda stuck in the choice. The other thread is under "the precinct" thanks for all your input.
  3. Tough choice Police thread

    Ive been trying to think now of what to go down, for this thread i will be trying to get all the reasons to become a cop and possibly higher "swat, FBI, etc etc" But yeah any one and every one flood this with perks you think that come with becoming a cop in this, and if there are any downfalls please throw these in here also. This is thread one of two, my second one about the crime family/ mafia is in the hide out thread. Thank you all.
  4. Cant decide, stuck between a cop and going up that set, or becoming a don because that crime family would demand respect from all others and strike fear into every one else. Cant decide still,