Tough choice Police thread

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Ive been trying to think now of what to go down, for this thread i will be trying to get all the reasons to become a cop and possibly higher "swat, FBI, etc etc"

But yeah any one and every one flood this with perks you think that come with becoming a cop in this, and if there are any downfalls  please throw these in here also. This is thread one of two, my second one about the crime family/ mafia is in the hide out thread. Thank you all.

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Good things: You get a gun. You get to arrest anyone you really want. You get to run over people in your cop car and say they were evading arrest.

Bad Things: You get spit on. A lot. you get called names. You get yelled at. No ones likes and that includes you... You hate yourself. You get therapy. You still hate yourself. You pick up the bottle. Drink till you forget. Go to work a little tipsy. Get yelled. Too drunk to understand. Punch boss. Get fired. Get a lawsuit. They take everything no more kids no more wife. You Cry. Then go back to the beginning.

But ya that's sums up the good and bad. Pick wisely my friend see you there. -

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