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  1. At this rate? im expecting this entire website to magically disappear, or another pushback... I honestly don't think were going to get a game, let alone a good one. it just seems like the money either ran out or something else. And to be honest, we all should have seen this coming, the lack of communication, the usual setbacks, I don't think by a minute this is a scam at all, but i do believe it was a game created by people who didn't have much communication or experience between themselves and the community which led to the funds drying up on monthly pay and concepts/ideas that were half built but will never see the light of day. Which is a shame since I really enjoyed the idea of a more fleshed out DarkRP/AltisLife. Asylum Entertainment is of course welcome to prove me wrong.
  2. A question, if you would, are you planning to add assistants/advisors/secretaries to assist in keeping the island safe? If so, do we have their names?
  3. Paratus: "we expect this delay to be short-lived" (X) [Doubt] Seriously though, I understand that developing a game is hard and new companies have to understand their limits to their capabilities when making games. But from experience, can we really believe this? or is this "short-lived" delay actually going to be another month or two delay? I'm sure Asylum Entertainment Inc have heard of "development hell" well, from the information given to us, all the signs are pointing towards being stuck in limbo. I'd be honored if you could reply and give us some reassuring insight into whats going on. and maybe answer a couple of questions? 1. why is it that you keep expecting the module to be ready for a certain date, then get to the date and realize that actually you were nowhere near it? 2. why didn't the gameplay demo we recently received showing parts to do with the S.W.A.T and RACING modules but not actually showing us anything to do with what you've created thus far since the apartment showcase? you would think that the best way to quell turmoil in the community would be to release something showing what you've done so far with what your about to give us. not something that was supposed to be created AFTER the the first promised module was done. you even stated when it was released that a lot of the models, textures and animations were placeholders. 3. why hasn't there been much clarity in your responses towards whats going on at Asylum Entertainment Inc? (I understand that the announcements do provide a lot of information but they don't match up to the delays posted and talked about) I'm no game developer (however I am currently getting qualifications to be one) but I think if you could answer as many of these questions the best you could, it would put a lot of our minds at ease, even if the answer isn't the best news, as long as we can have something to make our own assumptions on would be great. (in the end these are questions I have asked to myself and if anything isn't what someone else would want asked or feel offended by my post i apologize in advance)
  4. Called it

    i was hopeful but i'm loosing faith fast, if another delay occurs, i'm bailing.
  5. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Woah chill, what’s wrong with a company trying to compete in a tough market? It’s not like it’s going to affect you? Plus he’s just doing what he wants to do, same as me and many others.
  6. Used gtx 1070 searched 350-400 dollar

    good luck, gpu's are all extreemly expensive or non existent at the moment because of the bitcoin miners
  7. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    I know, thats why I made a TFW joke.
  8. In the recent email they sent, they said they had to push back the date 1 month more
  9. Blackburn Secure Transport Service (BRTS)

    couple of things just to help out Asylum has said that there isn't going to be armored vehicles (aside from swat (Possibly)). perhaps work on the layout of your post in order to increase the look andprofessionalism of your business. maybe come up with a single logo, from what i see at the moment you haven't decided on a specific logo for your company and instead your using multiple different ones. (remember a logo needs to be something memorable that by just showing the picture, people will know who it is (e.g. Apple, McDonalds). (i too used Arma 3 for my images on my website and i gotta say, they are pretty helpfull but when you use them, perhaps consider using mods as well as more.... professional outfits (not that your uniforms aren't professional already, but the one inside the safe with the money... well, he looks a bit like a modern pirate) of course these are just my opinions, it's your business, you can customise it however you like!
  10. downsizing

    so i recently wanted to downgrade from speed demon to home owner. I followed the instructions given and said in paypal's additional comments that i wanted to go from speed demon to home owner. I sent the dispute and a day later i see that ive been downsized from speed demon to founder instead of homeowner, and haven't recieved the money along with it. I know (hope) you haven't done a runner with my money and im just curious as to whats going on?
  11. Beta tester question

    Your able to upgrade and buy the next package up at a discounted price depending on which pack you bought. theres no need to refund and all you have to do is buy the package you want!
  12. Simple Post About the Video...

    i think we should all just stop talking about the video and wait for what little time we have left until the module is scheduled for release before we make any more judgments
  13. We all hope, it’s asylum we’re talking about, their not the best at meeting deadlines..