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  1. The most recent Dev blog...


    leave while you can
  3. I just now noticed

    I have been backing town square longer than most people. I thought I was late but no. I have basically been through every single delay they had.
  4. i told yall so

    LUCKY DUCK I know your a long lasting member but really by now we aren't rushing them you know that. Especially since it is an alpha prototype to the game it is OK to release it since it is an earlier version so they can update , do you understand what i'm saying at least.
  5. A message to the devs

    Since you guys are so far into TS development. How many players in one server are we going to expect?
  6. Excited for this

  7. I personal don't care about the release date. But I want to hear your opinion.
  8. I did my reasearch and her it is: gtx 1060 6gb, r5 1600 cpu, gammax 400, asrock x360 killer 8GB DDR4, 1 TB hdd at most, Sk hynix Sl308 250 gb ssd, sea sonic m12II 620 power supply, and a Enthoo Pro case. This in total is around 1100-1200 depending where you get it.
  9. So where exactly is the Identity Island Located?

    it was based of an actual city in the us i forgot which one the developers said it somewhere.
  10. Realistic physics

    The physics won't be pushed to its limits because of game performance so expect it to be on the OK side.
  11. Question

    Most likely or they can just exchange money which I know that will be in the game.
  12. Website outage?

    updates maybe???