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  1. A simple idea

    It's not steams fault, steam doesn't choose when your game releases like Asylum lied to us about. They push the button but THEY won't and they won't tell us fuck all about what is happening.
  2. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    I get what you are saying, but they lied to all of us by tweeting and blaming it on steam. And then they don't even tweet or give us an update on what is fucking up? That is how you kill your community.
  3. Analysis about the age of users

    70% of people who put their age in this are lying lmao
  4. i love trying to piss people off omegalul wikipedia, great source
  5. No, Rockstar said it took around 11 years for them to make, I think it was more actually but you are wrong either way
  6. lmao this post was a month ago, get a life
  7. A few things.

    You just love to quote me, it's not false he did join this year. Bye
  8. A few things.

    I kindly asked you to stop quoting me forever, and I wasn't talking to you. For the love of God, stop quoting me.
  9. A few things.

    I would like you to quote where I said his point was invalid, I said his sentence about him joining in 2017 was invalid
  10. A few things.

    I am asking nicely, please stop quoting me forever.
  11. A few things.

    You joined this year lmao
  12. You literally signed up this year...