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  1. Did it get delayed again?
  2. Need help with 2 monitors

    Not sure but dont you just load your twitch chat on chrome on the other monitor?
  3. Radio Station

    You probably won't get payed for it but you could get adverts from businesses
  4. Graphics Designer FOR HIRE

    Thx I DM'ed you
  5. Need A Graphics Designer

    Hey I may be able to help you with this! Here is a sample of my style! I honestly wouldn't mind doing this for free just so i can add it to my portfolio DM Me
  6. Hey i'm Breezy121! I am an aspiring graphics designer and would like to create eye-catching logos and designs for your in-game business! I have one sample of my style but as I create more logos I will update this post. I hope we can establish a friendly business partnership and create great art for your thriving business! My prices will be $25 (In-game currency of course) for 1-2 logos. and $45 for more than 2. I will send them through PM. Thanks for reading! -Breezy
  7. :)

    Hey i'm Breezy! I've seen your Advertisement on the forum and would like to know if i can become one of the graphics designer on your team! I have one sample attached (sorry that its only one but i have just got a new PC). I hope that you like the graphics work in the image and I will be happy to create some graphics work for your company. I am experienced in many photo editing programs such as: Photoshop, GIMP and Adobe Illustrator. I also have bought the Beta. RP Name: Breezy / Breezy121 Forum Name: Breezy121 Age: 14 Why do you want to work for Supremeā„¢?: To create great designs with other committed members! What area are you looking to work in? (Corporate, Design, Retail): Design What Position are you applying for?: Graphics Design Do you have a working mic?: Yes Tell me a little bit about the history of Supremeā„¢: I heard about Supreme from a lot of my friends who wore your products and I have to say that they were very aesthetically pleasing and I considered buying some of your merch. Honestly, I don't know much about the actual history of Supreme but i am very willing to learn more about it. I know it is a very reputable source for clothing and is very well respected in the hiphop community! Thank you for reading! -Breezy121
  8. Hey will there be any form of music making as a career? or will there be a job for the radio? thanks!