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  1. Marihuana Smoke Shop Job

    @Devonor Im not hating neither saying it should not be ilegal, Im just saying establishing some smoke shops arround the map could be a good way of getting money but not selling weed itself but the grinders, the bongs, the pipes, t-shirts or accesories with weed designs, etc. Also it could be tobacco/cigar shops with articles. I think this could add more things to do that some players can enjoy.
  2. Marihuana Smoke Shop Job

    Hello community! since weed is going to be able in the game, why not making a job, a legal one to get some cash in by selling not weed but grinders, pipes, bongs, blunts.. Even t-shirts or clothing accesories. selling some articles that can add more immersion to the game on those aspects. I tought that a shop alternative could be also a tobacco cigar shop, but if you can add new ideas, post them in the fórum! hope the admins like the idea.