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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am 28 years old from Canada and I love Simulators. I was fantasizing about a simulator like Identity for many years and vowed to create one if no one does soon as I am in game development as well as a music producer. I could actually start my own team and make it happen. Luckily there are many other gamers who have a similar interest and I found you guys. I wonder, if I pay for the Founder package right now, will it allow me to jump in the game already? Cheers, Maverick
  2. Only a few more day

    Only a few more days left... what are y'all thinking
  3. Beta Party

    I think we all know that there is going to be beta testing before the launch and I would like to know if during that we'll see some kind of gift because the Founder Hat is also available for players who won't be testing. Apart from that a shirt or a yellow and pink hat (totally not a club penguin rip-off) would be nice (even more because if you pay 30 you only play the game before it's launched and you won't recieve any special item.
  4. Gang recruitment

    Looking to Be a leader of the Gang " The Unknown " , Looking for recruits to join when in Town square. 1. No Trolls. 2. Invest time / money into making "The Unknown" a more powerful gang so that no one could possibly try to succumb us. 3. HARD WORK PAYS OFF. 4. If you try to act as though you are more powerful than the leader / Higher ups in the gang, you will be punished, It's that simple. If you want to join, Mail me.

    I have just purchased the $15 package and im aware this DOES NOT give me beta access, however I noticed that the shop will close as soon as Town Square Module is released. I get paid Monday 15th May, is it safe to say I have enough time to get the Beta upgrade?
  6. Just wondering if there will be tasers in the game and if cops will need search warrants to search an RV for example or hideouts.
  7. Ok so when the modules come out will we only have a limited time to play them? For example: two weeks? Or will we be able to play them until like the beta? Also during the module will we be able to join up in servers with our friends?
  8. I was just wondering when or if the prices of the game and the beta access and stuff will see a price increase in the shop and if so when? I heard someone tell me that they were going to be going up soon.