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  1. Only a few more day

    Only a few more days left... what are y'all thinking
  2. Car dealerships

    Will there be car dealerships in identity and if so will there be used car dealerships and sports and luxury car dealerships
  3. Will we be able to go in every building in identity
  4. Module Release

    I'm not asking for a exact release date... I'm just asking for a guesstimate on when we can see the town square module released.... No Rush
  5. Real Estate Agent

    Can I become a real estate agent in identity?
  6. Full Game?

    If i pledged to identity does it mean I will have to full game when it comes out?
  7. I'm wondering what the town square module beta is going to be like Like am I going to be able to buy estate or clothes and cars or can I make art or what?