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  1. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    I bought it thinking it wouldn't be on Steam until over a year later (With the Full Game release) and they are selling it there (It's nearly 70% cheaper here)
  2. Much upgrade higher prices now

    But if someone wants to upgrade now (From the 15 dollars pack to the 30 dollars pack) they will save 2 dollars, that's what confuses me the most, it has THE SAME as before but now they save 2 dollars (for paying later than other?!?!).

    Mine will be 911...
  4. Much upgrade higher prices now

    Yep, and the weirdest part is that if you pay 15usd and then you upgrade to the modules access, you will save 2/3 dollars. It's less expensive than what it was before.
  5. Pay again for Town Square Module?

    Wondering why those who paid before paid $30 and now $27.86. I WANT MY $2.14 REFUND
  6. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    I just invite him to have a fancy dinner in Burger King. P.S: It's You're not Your
  7. This is pointless. . .

  8. This is pointless. . .

    YOU ARE THE POST 21,000!!

    The player pays for a server which is maintained by the developers, that's how it will work.
  10. New Town Square Gameplay

    Yes, as soon as possible.
  11. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    Karaoke Bar and making my house look at least not bad.
  12. New Town Square Gameplay

    Thanks Hairy, really cool.
  13. Well, the day is almost here.

    There won't be TS in TS...
  14. After Module 1 launches there will be more methods to pay but actually I think you have no solution (only if a friend buys it for you).