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Found 2 results

  1. Fellow Game Developers

    Hai! I was wondering: who in all of you also develop your own games? I'm learning C# at the moment and developing 2 games, a hobby ORPG on Intersect engine, and a commercial tactical/strategy RPG with a lil oldschool flavor to it. Feel free to share your game dev experiences and stuff here, because I love to find new friends into the same passions as I am.
  2. Hi everyone! I am 28 years old from Canada and I love Simulators. I was fantasizing about a simulator like Identity for many years and vowed to create one if no one does soon as I am in game development as well as a music producer. I could actually start my own team and make it happen. Luckily there are many other gamers who have a similar interest and I found you guys. I wonder, if I pay for the Founder package right now, will it allow me to jump in the game already? Cheers, Maverick