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  1. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    If it is true that they're trying to surpass those games, this is more a reason to be worried than excited. As a game developer myself, I can tell you that overreaching what you can actually deliver 99% of the time results in game dev Hell or massive disappointment in the final product.
  2. Still Waiting..

    Something more official needs to be done for the multi-threading of similar topics to stop. No, people shouldn't have to use forum search to find nuggets of information here and there when it should be made readily available on-site or on a dev blog. It is on the developers' shoulders to provide this information, not a mod, and these threads would be drastically reduced if the developers would take a few minutes out to do their job (and yes, keeping a playerbase updated OFFICIALLY on the whys and hows and whens IS the job of the developer, even if they give a community manager the power to make official postings about it and no I don't mean answering questions in the myriad forum threads. I mean actual, bonafide updates) Complaining at the OP does nothing, as this is primarily a developer issue at the core. I don't like the repeat topics either, but there's an easy way to control this that's not being taken. For whatever reason. If updates aren't going to be done, maybe a Discourse section of forums could be put into place to funnel these sorts of topics?
  3. Everyone STOP!!!!

    I'd be more ashamed that I'm not forthcoming than I am about falling behind. And I promise supporters would be more satisfied with disappointing news where developers are open about it, than deadlines going by with nothing and devs just dumping more promises to fill in the gap.
  4. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    This. I have run many websites and forums before (many more active than this) and it is nearly impossible to "accidentally ban" someone. I hope Psisyn isn't buying that, or at least is somewhat skeptical.
  5. Everyone STOP!!!!

    No matter how you slice it, a competent development team would have more to show in 3 years time OR have an explanation as to why they do not. This is pretty irrefutable in the real world of game development. So I can understand the frustration of those who have poured money and faith into this game for so very little transparency in return. This is especially true if they are using Unreal engine or any pre-made engine for the backbone of the project. I'm not saying a game isn't being made, but comparing it to an actual competent team developing AAA games is beyond asinine. There's such a thing as a middle ground where people can be in the reality of what's happening. You have people with their head in the clouds going full support, pessimists screaming "scam", but there is that middle ground where we can both see a product is being made, but it's definitely not up to scratch for something with this amount of funding behind it and 3+ years in.
  6. Well you are wrong about one thing - you CAN compare mechanics to two different games~ comparing and contrasting mechanics and how well they're implemented isn't locked into genre-specific view?
  7. Actually, mod development IS a good doorway into game development. So I'm unsure why you think mod development is a strike against someone making a game. It's not a prerequisite into game development, but it is a good prep to building your own games, and definitely not detrimental to that effect. (I'm a game dev too. Didn't start out in modding scene, but I know some modders who went on to become pretty nice full-fledged developers!)
  8. New items in the shop

    I know some of them you will get other versions of in-game, but some of the store items are exclusive in their layout/aesthetics. For example you'll be able to get a car with the same speed in-game only, but that particular LOOK of car in the store is store exclusive.
  9. This. Also yum, your siggy. I love Jabba. <3 u <3 And people shouldn't be hyping this game up to match AAA titles, because there's a good chance you'll be disappointed if you do. Just saiyan.
  10. anyone else not like the new site?

    I think part of the reason the new website was up was because it allowed for other pay options, right? They wanted to give more people a chance to buy their ticket into TS?
  11. Fellow Game Developers

    What's your game about? I'm interested. My ORPG is 2D pixel art (I prefer stylized 2D games overall) and is actually a fan game (thus a hobby project) of Dragon Quest. Because the west got screwed out of having the official MMORPG Dragon Quest game. I decided to make mine based off of the 1989 Dragon Quest anime, though. My tactical game is all original and we're trying to make the plot super simplistic and make it feel "oldschool" while introducing a couple of fresh newer things. It's called Rune Divers, but is in extremely early development at this point. We plan to make a demo and then start up a Kickstarter/crowdfunding to fund the rest.

    Well other than it just being easy to remember off of the top of your head without having to go to phone settings etc. it can be used for purely something like..........if you want 666 in your number for example, or numbers that correspond to letters to spell something out. If businesses or business phones are implemented that would be cool to use for that.

    Nah I'll probably just get whatever is assigned to me in-game. I think it's a cool option though for those that want it.
  14. Much upgrade higher prices now

    Yay! Finally images or some kinda of look at what we're getting before we buy. I can probably buy with at least a little confidence now. Will plan out what I want and buy soon. u wu
  15. Fellow Game Developers

    Hai! I was wondering: who in all of you also develop your own games? I'm learning C# at the moment and developing 2 games, a hobby ORPG on Intersect engine, and a commercial tactical/strategy RPG with a lil oldschool flavor to it. Feel free to share your game dev experiences and stuff here, because I love to find new friends into the same passions as I am.