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  1. Developers? Are you there? I have a question

    Moderator? More like Necromancer, amirite? But really, why are moderators only coming in to necro posts?
  2. making identity sandbox?

    The game itself absolutely has to change, at least in current scope, for it to ever have a chance at succeeding in any way, form, or fashion. They squandered the money AND kicked down their own backers' trust.........and without funds OR at least an adequate skillset (which they've shown is not really up to snuff yet), something of the magnitude of what they promised is never, ever, ever, ever coming. So it's absolutely a good suggestion to allow Identity to morph into something more feasible for them to create. The only other possibility I see is to sell the IP to a functional team that has a greater chance of finishing it.
  3. worth it?

    Coming back to check here after the dumpster fire sham of a release and wow it looks like it's just devolved into something even more ludicrous. Please do not spend your cash on this until they release a full product.
  4. Ummm ?

    1. I haven't ever complained. 2. I haven't been on the forum in months. What are you talking about? XDDD
  5. Ummm ?

    Um, I don't even own the game and I haven't spent one penny towards it. I just watch for the entertainment. X'D Jokes on you, then. LOL
  6. Ummm ?

    Exactly. It looks like a second-rate Second Life with only 1/100000th of the content Second Life has. > .<;; My main appeal was that it was like SL but in a more controlled/cohesive environment. Always thought Identity looked hideous with the character models, but at least they look like they come from the same game (because SL's gfx are too customizable making everything feel off cause you'll have clashing graphics and such) - same thing with gameplay. SL is a bit TOO freeform. I wanted super creativity but in a controlled way so everything gels together better. So yeah, the concept appealed to me too~ And yes, this company is nothing but a troubled mess. I figured it'd do badly because of all the things dug up about them, but I didn't think it would bomb as bad as it did early on. I mean, they didn't even deliver the thing advertised as Town Square really? It's like they reverted back to the earliest build of TS rather than releasing the thing they even showed? It also brings to did they ever plan for April release when it is THIS BAD in December? Like how did they ever think an April date would even be possible? Pretty fishy. Oh well. The whole things gone to pot. I hope someone who is more competent in game dev and resource management picks up the concept and delivers something solid. I'll still try to keep an eye here, but it just seems..........beyond broken and beyond repair at this point.
  7. Ummm ?

    I come back and find out the launch went even worse than I figured it was going to be. Oh boy. o .o;; Yikes.
  8. A Fair And Reasonable Criticism and Suggestion

    I think you and I have a similar attitude and realistic outlook of the game and all of its many faults so far. It's like we continue to hope, but know that, realistically when looking at the facts, it's pretty damning against the development itself. I want nothing more that for this game to be the exception~ (because I like to believe in small start-up devs since I am one) so all we can do is hope it starts turning itself around.
  9. Steam page comming up today, apparently

    They've said the game page "WILL BE PUBLIC IN A DAY OR TWO" twice now since days upon days ago and it wasn't. A delay is still a delay. Just saiyan.
  10. Favorite game of 2018?

    Mine's obvious as my husbando is plastered all over my avatar and signature. I'm an RPG kinda of girl, and a long-time fan of the most popular jRPG, Dragon Quest. XI came west on September 4th of this year and is seated as best game of the year for me. <3 (a lot in part due to my husbando, but it's an amazing game even outside of that)
  11. So, What Is The Release Date?

    Soooo in other words it WOULD basically be up by the time we said it should be, but the developers could just be like NOPE and set it to come later. Exactly as I have said. That the only reason it shouldn't be out mid-November is that the dev's just............basically don't release it. K.
  12. About the staff who made this module

    I hope you're not saying it took a 25 man team years to make this module........unless they're just never showing us anything in Streams/Youtuber play/etc., there is nothing..........nothing to really do in it much. I've seen a 2-man team make more than they have shown in about a half a year to a year's time before. And that's with 0 budget and with only a design background (and them learning programming as they go along). That's why I'm just so taken aback by this project, and the hype they've garnered. It makes no sense to hook people with only words. Still only words so far, really. My only hope now is they can make the actual gameplay (not this "base") interesting and fresh. Once I see how the careers, combat, etc. will work, I'll know if I want to buy or not. Right now it's barely passable as a Free-To-Play game. But I'm still going to wait to see those aspects to see if the devs can start taking it a bit more seriously and try to semi-live up to the promises. TL;DR: I still have a lil faith that the game could potentially turn out decent (which is why I stick around), but the recent gameplay showoff and trailer has made my faith sap a bit, due to its groundless shallowness. I want to believe the devs are better than this.
  13. Where does everyone align politically?

    Then I hate to tell you this, but you are playing the wrong game. This game is going to simulate life including politics. ^^;;
  14. Analysis about the age of users

    I am 32, almost 33.
  15. Keys + What do you think ?

    I design games, although I usually design solo or with an even smaller team, but I think keeping a doable project is important (paying attention to scope) and based upon the team's actions and history on the development of this game, I don't quite see it ever living up to what is promised (and this is also evident of what we have seen in teasers/streams - it's just not exactly what's been promised). It's also unacceptable to bring out only what they've done so far when the length of time has been.........tremendous since they've cashed out on backers. It's just a very troubling thing and if people bail I wouldn't blame them, because it has all the makings of something that will never be what they pledged to exactly. That being said, it should be something for the team to learn from. I think it will be "an okay experience" for what it is worth when all is said and done. I've seen similar ideas done better and in shorter amount of time. But every little team has to start somewhere I guess! I'd just rather make a REALLY GREAT game with smaller scope than a so-so game that's "big" and "open". Because in the end the quality is what will actually matter, but often people get a bit sidetracked by how MUCH (QUANTITY) is promised. (this is common even from fans of already established IPs and it really shows their lack of understanding when it comes to game design overall)