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Found 4 results

  1. Beta Party

    I think we all know that there is going to be beta testing before the launch and I would like to know if during that we'll see some kind of gift because the Founder Hat is also available for players who won't be testing. Apart from that a shirt or a yellow and pink hat (totally not a club penguin rip-off) would be nice (even more because if you pay 30 you only play the game before it's launched and you won't recieve any special item.
  2. So.. Recently, I knew about the game "Identity", and I have been very excited about it.. But I had a question. Would Identity be free? or I will have to pay money to be able to download and play it?
  3. Movement

    So I am not saying that there needs to be a crazy movement system like dying light or mirrors edge, but it would be nice to have a nice running and climbing system.
  4. Osu

    Yeah... I play it. Anyone else? It is free but doesn't work for MAC yet I heard. It is like a beatmap game pretty good ^^ Custom skins and so on. And you get ranked and stuff... I have around 370 pp ( Power points I think it is.. ) which displays my POWER! Not in rankings but the more PP you get the better rank in multiplayer sessions you get and of course global. Above 7,5m users. About 3,96 billion ranked maps ( Maps where you can get PP ) of course this words with a tablet or mouse, I had a mouse in the beginning but got a drawing tablet for other reasons than osu but then I tried it with osu and it worked and so on. so yeah.. Oh yeah! The best player in the world is named Cookiezi and got banned due to the owner had an arguement with him but then he got unbanned and it is 2 months since now. He is mad. He is inhuman. If he misses the game match stops so yeah. There are different mods and stuff and he as some mods on. JUST SEE HOW FREAKIN HE REACTS TO THE GAME! HE IS INHUMAN!