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  1. Hey from Alabama

    Welcooooome ;-) that's awesome you bought the game. Sure you will find a lot of awesome and nice people here it would be so lucky if we met can't wait to try this and play myself!
  2. Hello

    Helloooo Milamber it's cool that people are finding about this game so fast it's really growing! Welcome on IdentityRPG. Whoa you already have a founder in 2 days.:-O I wish I was able to get it right of the bat, well either way have fun pal!
  3. Hello from me

    Good evening and welcome in this community I have just started here too can't wait to play myself I hope you will have fun in the game and it's modules.:-)
  4. What's up citizens!!!???

    Nice topic read with pleasure nice introduction of yourself, best of luck within the game and in your career in real life and of course welcome. Maybe with some luck we will play together some day.:-)
  5. Just Became a Founder!

    Hello there and welcome.
  6. What's your Steam account?
  7. Identity Shop Items Comparisons.

    Excuse me I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong category I am not used to these forums yet.:-)
  8. Identity Shop Items Comparisons.

    Hello everyone I am wondering about your thoughts between the different items on shop here. These items currently are: - Citizen - Founder - Cabbie - Motorist - Homeowner - Biker - Upsized - Speed Demon & - The VIP I am here to ask what's the best in your opinion as a starter item. And how would you compare these? Can we upgrade later? All these type of things. Thanks for reading and giving out your thoughts by replying.