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  1. if the the game dosent come out 28074 will get refunds right?
  2. diseases and such

    that so bad -1
  3. What will you RP in identity?

    if i dont get into the police am planing on being a leader of the most powerful gang and i have my crew a bunch from altis life
  4. the game will come out eventual but if it dose not come out by the end of the year we all got robbed
  5. What will you RP in identity?

    i plan on becoming a cop and geting into swat
  6. <17:39:33> Trying to resolve hostname KYServers.on.vg <17:39:36> Trying to connect to server on KYServers.on.vg <17:39:41> Failed to connect to server identitylife.on.vg works anyway am really looking forward to your server
  7. i told yall so

    No they should just finish what they working on and then it will be ok just finish everything if so many update comes out it will take to long and it would be annoying but if it comes out at once it will be ok.
  8. looking forward to this server i try my best to get in swat will this server have it own forums because on arma 3 rp server they have thair own??
  9. i so gassed cant with it gonna be so much fun to roleplay
  10. so your telling me that the game will not come out on steam but u can only buy it from here??
  11. also one more thing will this game be on steam or do u have to buy it from here?
  12. u see when i go to the shop on the forums there is a shop where u can buy like citz and more once the game comes out u buy it and can play it or do u have to buy one of those things on forums???