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Found 2 results

  1. So I have a couple of questions about Apartments, Houses, and Business buildings like factories and small shops and stuff because I heard there was a unlimited amount of apartments but a limited amount of houses (and I'm assuming the same goes for buildings) on the island. Apartments So I heard there will be a unlimited number of apartments and I was wondering if everyone will have an apartment to live in when they first start or will they have to pay for it just like any other building along with rent? I believe hearing people will get an apartment for awhile when they start for free but will they eventually actually have to go out and buy one and pay the rent? Will the apartments be on the map for a player to walk to and will high end apartments be the same as the unlimited apartments as in there is a unlimited amount of them? Or will they be unique like the houses on the island? Houses So I heard about every house being unique and such but what if every single house was owned and everybody had live in apartments, would they be available for purchase when the player leaves the server or is it forever owned? I think this would be a bit disappointing because what if the player hasn't been on for quite awhile and they still own that house? Will there be some sort of time limit on how long they can own the house if they are gone? If it does work like that, would the player lose the money they put into the house? How many houses will a player be able to own? I don't know how else to ask these questions but I hope you understand them. Buildings So this is similar to the questions I asked about the houses. What if all the buildings were owned and people weren't able to create their business and expand? Will the building be there forever owned by the player who bought it or will everybody have a chance to create a business? Will the building eventually be un-owned when they leave or will there be a time limit for how long they are gone? How many buildings can you own? Will every building look different and have a different layout? One more question. Is there a limit to how many people can be inside a building, house, and apartment?
  2. What is going to be the max size of housing? How many players can live in a house at once?