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  1. Requirements

    They said a GTX 750 would likely be the lowest end GPU where you could MAYBE run it minimum
  2. Show phone action

    Since most all of the UI in the game is build into the world (such as ATM screens and gas pump screens) I thought it'd be awesome to feature a 'show screen' emote similar to the many that are already planned in the game. An action where your character would hold out their phone, screen facing away from them, to show others what they just saw. Perhaps you just received a large paycheck or saw something funny on social media which is already going to be in the game, it'd be a neat feature to have. Similar to this, and your player's arm would follow the direction that you move the camera.
  3. While you can get a glimpse of it, I was more asking in the sense of 'will first person be tradition first person or just an alternate camera angle.' If you look at games like Fallout or Grand Theft Auto 5 they have unique animations for everything when using items like guns in first person. Sprinting feels fluid and smooth and appealing. However, games like ARMA 3 just adjust the camera angle for 'first person mode.' Sprinting with a gun thus looks really wobbly and shaky. Example of 'Traditional FPS' which is entirely separate from Third Person Perspective:
  4. Will Identity’s first person mode be simply a different camera view attached to the character or will it be an entire new way of viewing things seperate from third person mode (better flowing animations and etc) such as Bethesda game titles or Grand Theft Auto V
  5. When backing so much money you can earn yourself one of a few different starting apartment homes. I wonder though, will it be totally free forever or am I essentially living there for X amount of 'months' freely before I start having to pay bills.
  6. With Town Square's release date close to being announced I really want to know, throughout updates and so on, if progression will ever be wiped during the early access or even full release time of the game.
  7. PVP Idea

    There is paintball I know
  8. Lottery

    Both gambling halls and lottery are indeed large in terms of impact. I know that if functional casinos are in game then things like money-shortcuts through microtransactions are a big 'nono' if I remember correctly. Personally, I want to see both of these gambling options in game. But what I really don't want to see is the game getting large controversy over cash microtransactions if they add those. They confirmed some houses and vehicles to be microtransactions but I don't think they said anything about cash
  9. Quick and simple, will there be lottery tickets in the game and if so will they actually be interactive?
  10. Will vehicles such as cars be able to deteriorate overtime from lack of care/maintenance to eventually the point where you have a junker in your hands and pretty much have to find a new replacement car? While I believe, if its a feature, it should be a very slow process; it really would be neat to see appear in the game. Economy is suppose to be as accurate as it can be and I can see this greatly effecting the wealth of some players. Another question I wanted to ask is if vehicle repairs will be cheap and easy or more demanding. Say you got into a collision with a street pole and now you have a nasty dent in your vehicle. Will the damage be persistent forever until repaired for a costly amount (especially without insurance) or will it be something cheap like a $100 quick fix. I'm hoping for the more realistic path of the two. Now that I think of it though, could city destruction fines be issued to players for collisions with items like lamp posts or signs?
  11. Difficult stealth paths for bank heists

    Hey where can I find these streams?
  12. Difficult stealth paths for bank heists

    So long as my crippling anxiety doesn't break me down first! I hope there are some banks that are smaller and larger though. Maybe one farther in the outskirts of town. Tiny and easier to tacking with a smaller gang. 4 sounds about average but 2-3 would be generous if possible
  13. Difficult stealth paths for bank heists

    So I essentially need a team of like, 8+ to ever make it you're saying?
  14. Propper kidnapping system

    Not so much of the button, vans primarially have that. But many older and newer cars with an actual trunk have a type of 'rip cord' which you can pull to open the trunk assuming someone ever got locked in. It hangs from the roof of the door. If your hands were tied from the front it's be easy to grab. If you were restrained from behind however it's a bit more difficult
  15. Will vehicle space (trunk space) be a very important asset to the game? I really want to know because I backed enough money for the used motorcycle but am afraid I am only punishing myself for paying that extra amount of money. I back this game up 100% but I almost feel like the motorcycle or even the dirt bike is a downgrade due to the lack of a storage space. With the bike you can't really conceal large illegal guns, carry any piece of furniture, can hardly carry food/drink, and it takes up the only space I have in my garage. My concern for this comes from my previously posted thread in the suggestions forums here: