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  1. I've always found it rather annoying in ArmA Life or Gmod Life mods that driving into town can sometimes be quite a hassle as upon exiting your vehicle it is unlocked and random players will just bolt for your car with the intention of going on a joy ride. Will there be measures taken against this occurring?
  2. From my understanding they said that occupations will be arranged in such a way that the more effort or risk required to complete it, the more it'd pay. I can't imagine being a tow-truck driver will be a very lucrative job compared to setting up an RV in the middle of a forest with your latest edition of "Cooking Meth for Dumboes."
  3. What is YOUR Goal in Identity?

    If all goes well I hope to make enough for a quiet home somewhere out of the way if Life Mods have taught me anything and rise to become a member of that 1% that truly play the real game. Getting involved in organized crime raking in the rewards, though the most important part of that I feel is the comradery that comes with being apart of such a big group. Knowing you've got friends everywhere is a great feeling. Though aside from that, as far as personal goals I really do hope they add some Volgas, I'm not quite shure why but I just love Russian vehicles from some reason. o3o
  4. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    From Russia with love? A:Level Volga V12 1969 GAZ 24 Volga GAZ Ural NEXT
  5. Job you would like (first choice) : Drug Trafficking Job you would like (second choice) : Drug Manufacturing Job you would like (third choice) : Hijacking Age : 18 How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to Traffickers? As much as college life dictates! The weekends are typically totally free and as far as weekdays go upwards of 8 hours. Are you an avid "life" server player? I've played life since ArmA 2 and recently go into life on ArmA 3. I've longed for a large coordinated group as opposed to being the exploited solo player. Will you take this group seriously? Of course! If anything flying solo for such an extended period of time has taught me that if everyone doesn't take things seriously then the situation quickly deteriorates into a cash vacuum. Do you agree to take ANY orders from a General ranking or the Leader? (Orders received will not be breaking any Identity RPG rules or ToS.) Of course. Coming from playing with a clan I understand chain of command is vital for maintaining order. What do you bring to Traffickers? Loyal to the death and willing to do the jobs no one else wants to do given the protection you boast about! That and depending on how Asylum intends to add driving to the game, I've been told I am at least an above average driver. Cars are something I quite like!