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  1. Seckshun 8

    RO qr ykvj vjg hqnnqykpi eqfg kp pwogtkecn hqtocv gkijvukzhkxgqpgvjtggpkpg Interested parties should decode and reply.
  2. Seckshun 8

    "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken" -Tyler durdon
  3. Seckshun 8

    You only kill people when things dont go right. It's a last resort. I jut want to make sure someone is willing to do it if required.
  4. Alberico Gentili Law Firm

    This seems legit. I support it.
  5. Seckshun 8

    Find someone else to stalk @BrianHamilton
  6. Seckshun 8

    Seckshun ate is looking for those interested in joining a tight knit group of like minded individuals. We require our members to be capable of murder without question. No need to reply here, we can discuss employment in a pm or privately on discord. We accept all types within our ranks, be it members of other syndicates, police, business owners, ect. Your membership in seckshun ate will be known only to me. Seckshun ate- We're coming for you.
  7. November Poll (Redo)

    Unified will be dropping out of the race. Good luck to the other candidates.
  8. Unified Party

    @forum mod lock this thread please
  9. Fair Market Merchant Bureau

    We believe in free markets. Meaning there is no limit to your success or failure. If your business goes under, it goes under. If you are participating in our program we will do our best to advertise your business to the masses, but ultimately your success or failure is entirely in your own hands.
  10. Unified Party

    Personally, politicians are people to. People sometimes change their mind, it happens. As forerunner for Unified, i made sure that i agreed with my policies before stating them. Maybe pther politicians havent fogured out the best platform, but unified will always stand for the same principals we were founded on. That being the freedom to keep your profits made from your work, with minimal taxes taken. I believe in this method of operating so much, i have opted to donate my paycheque if elected.
  11. Identity Political Organization

    The current official discord has both a typed podium and a voice chat podium that rarely has people in it. Im not moving my campaign to support unofficial sources. If anyone wants to debate anything, im am always on the official discord and i am always prepared to defend my platforms policies.
  12. Unified Party

    I am uncertain, but you can rest assured Unified will always stand by our policies. When we assure you low taxes we mean it. We dont just throw out numbers to obtain votes, we wait until we can confirm facts from developers before we solidify our policies.
  13. Unified Party

    Because no developer has confirmed exactly what taxes are used for, we havent set a particular rate, HOWEVER, i will NOT be accepting a salary in order to reduce the cost of taxes. Instead, my personal pay as governor will be donated to pay things taxes are used to pay.
  14. Identity Political Organization

    I prefer to keep all information in the official discord. I dont want to take people away from there, nor do i want people to not have a typed record of evrrything i say that has to do with my campaign. There is nothing wrong with the official discord's podium section where thus sort of thing is supposed to go on at.
  15. November Poll (Redo)

    It's because the unified party has realistic and achievable ideals in favour of hard workers.