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Found 4 results

  1. Shady Inc - Defense Lawyers

    Shady Inc // ABOUT US // Shady Inc is a prestigious law firm with its clients best interests in mind. It was founded in 1998 by Jepp, and has been consistently growing since then. We take great pride in protecting all our clients against harassment from police, and protecting the freedom to do business as the business owners see fit. // HIRING // Shady Inc is currently hiring new lawyers. If you would like to apply for a position, please message @jeppevinkel. We would be happy to hear from you, and discuss the details of the position. If you'd like any more information about the company or our partners, please check our website // COMPANY EMPLOYEES // President: @jeppevinkel CEO: N/A COO: N/A CFO: N/A Board of Directors: N/A Lawyers: Dag Ross // JOB DESCRIPTIONS // President: The president handles all operations in the company. He is the final chain in all decisions made by the company. Chief Executive Officer: The CEO handles all business operations. He/she handles all business opportunities, decisions, and choices. Chief Operations Officer: Handles most operations. Supervises choices, decisions, and takes over for CEO when he/she is away. Chief Financial Officer: Handles all financial decisions, he/she also manages financial issues, financial choices, etc. Board of Directors: The BoD handles issues with the company. Lawyers: The lawyers are tasked with defending our clients to the best of their extend in any case they've been given. // INVESTORS // Investors will get a percentage of the profit. All investors are listed below, if you'd like to invest in our company please message the president or CFO. Company Name: Company Name:
  2. Alberico Gentili Law Firm

    Alberico Gentili Law Firm Hello, my name is Alberico Gentili and I am a descendant of the original Alberico Gentili who was an Italian lawyer, jurist, and a former standing advocate to the Spanish Embassy in London, who served as the Regius professor of civil law at the University of Oxford for 21 years also known as the "Father of international law". Coming from a string of highly successful independent lawyers and a life of experience as my father was a very successful defense lawyer I have many connections and graduating number one in Yale University Law School. My beliefs are for the people and I believe in the people. As a lawyer, I specialize in defense, contractual, and personal law with common knowledge in most of all legal fields. I believe in my logo and its values it holds, with the law being so looked down upon I try to make a balanced defense for my client. Prices Per Hour - $650 ( 15 Minutes IRL) Per Day - $3,500 (3 hours IRL) **Optional** Personal Full-time lawyer - $5,000 a week. (24 Hours IRL = 1 week in game) (Even if not used) Max of 10 clients at a time. Will be discussed on a case to case if required. Dm me if interested. ** For business owners- I will not represent your company, but with that said I am still a personal lawyer meaning I WILL represent you (As a singular person) in court. ** ** For Politicians- I will not be your equivalent to a state attorney general, as per business owners I am still a personal lawyer meaning I WILL represent you (As a singular person) in court. **
  3. Badlands Defense & Shipping Co

    Badlands Defense & Shipping Co. Est: 2008 (Doing Business As) & Recognized by Texas as an actively operating entity Filed with Texas Comptroller Office Effective : August 5, 2016 CEO & Founder (alias) : Titan 1 Atlas Umbrella Name BADLANDS NATION APPLY HERE >>>>><<<<< APPLY HERE Hello Identity I'm "Titan" Formally known as Atlas. This company has been a part of many startup\established games\communities as contributors to role-play and general shenanigans within its host. We have set our eyes on Identity and sincerely would like to make our way into the community and the player base. It has been a challenging start as we have began introducing our intent and interactions within the Gaming community. Our standard operating procedures include being respectable and not proactively cause grief or conflict within the community. I hope that as our company grows players will be able to identify our operators and operations as an approachable group who love the role-play. Good working relations with all groups is desired by the company but not realistically expected of the player base. On behalf of BADLANDS NATION we are glad to be here and look forward to all that Identity has to offer! "Thank you for choosing Badlands" -Titan 1 Atlas
  4. Actual gameplay(firefights)

    So, I seen the hunting video but I'm curios as to how firefight gameplay will appear- can I jump from my police car, crouch and head towards the cover I'm aimed at or aimed near? I'd image this is FPS only and not 3rd person, so does that mean the Gtav style of firefights involving cover will be diminished to a fallout 3 type of coverage, where you never actually apply yourself to cover but instead jump up or move to the side to shoot and duck to hide again and take cover that way? Because although it was a fixed cover system, I enjoyed it up most. Just a wandering thought in the field of questions.