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Found 4 results


    Here are the official finalized results of the November 2017 Poll: ROYAL: 17 HAMIT: 14 DRP : 8 FN : 4 PRP : 3 RCP : 3 CCP : 1 PP : 1 HETCH: 1 SMITH: 1 We hope to see you all at the debate taking place in the IPO Discord Tomorrow @ 12pm Est You will be able to participate by asking the candidates live questions and hearing their policies in person. The Debate will also be lived streamed here:
  2. Debate 11/11

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that a debate is happening this Saturday for you all to interact with. Here are more details: Hope to see you guys there!
  3. IPO Debate Information

    IDENTITY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION DEBATE Hello from IPO, we are very happy to announce that the first ever Identity political debate now has a set date and time! The debate has been set for: November 11th, 2017 12pm EST We are still going through the whole thing and figuring out everything, but currently we are confident that we are able to present the debate at this date and time. If you are interested in participating in the debate as an audience member we will be doing the debate in the IPO discord where you will be able to ask questions and through the moderator be able to hear the answer in almost real time straight from their mouths. The link to the Discord can be found at the bottom of this post. If you are unable to join the discord or are more comfortable in the official identity discord or just want to watch, we will also be streaming the debate through We will post the Twitch link about an hour before the debate on the fourms and the official identity discord. We will be talking about a multitude of topics that will be discovered when the debate beings, but the main debate will be set in the style of a primary debate, (meaning everyone is at the debate) The speaking order is as follows: Jack Lester Brian Hamilton Lucious Times Marie-Clare Bouchard Damien Malik We wish you all luck and can't wait to see you all at the debates! LINKS: Discord:
  4. November Poll (Redo)

    So a lot has happened over the last day, most of it my fault, but I hope to rectify that by doing this. The current poll Is bring closed and being redone, which is this one. I hope this will allow for an even footing between parties and allow for the most accurate data. I would like to personally apologise to @Xilvius for the way I handled the situation and for the inconvenience I have caused you. I hope this redo will allow for your supporters to accurately give your party votes. This poll will last a week, ending on 11/10/2017 at Noon EST. We are currently planning a couple of events for the parties to engage in, including a debate that we are setting up between parties, more information will be released soon about that.