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Found 2 results

  1. November Poll (Redo)

    So a lot has happened over the last day, most of it my fault, but I hope to rectify that by doing this. The current poll Is bring closed and being redone, which is this one. I hope this will allow for an even footing between parties and allow for the most accurate data. I would like to personally apologise to @Xilvius for the way I handled the situation and for the inconvenience I have caused you. I hope this redo will allow for your supporters to accurately give your party votes. This poll will last a week, ending on 11/10/2017 at Noon EST. We are currently planning a couple of events for the parties to engage in, including a debate that we are setting up between parties, more information will be released soon about that.
  2. Identity Party Data Service

    Hello Identity, Today I am getting the network set up for the official polling and statistic service for the political climate of Identity. I will be putting a more detailed post about all of our services as well as getting analysts and polling workers to get the network set up. My main goal would be for this to get accurate data to the people as well as be the main news outlet for elections and election results. I will be working on it more in the future, but for now this is what I need to do. We are currently having a base polling right now set up under a different account that will start the data we need to do statistics, if you haven't already please go over to it and vote so we can have a clear idea of what the political climate is right now. We hope this service can also be used by the different political parties to know the current trends of the climate and also to be able to plan. All future polling will take place under this account so if you are involved in politics or want to keep updated on what's going on in that field, follow this account for updates and information. Thank you for your time and I get more information about this service as well as forms to be able to volunteer for this service as well. Please note that during the sign up process for that you will have to state which political party you support so we are able to keep an even amount of supporters from each party.