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  1. Updates?

    gameplay wise..
  2. Updates?

    Hey was just wondering if there will be any game changing updates in the first qauter?
  3. Hey just wondering at what time the gun range will become open to the public so to say... The developers have been amazing by the way to fix all the issues at launch so i understand why it will maybe take a bit of time until it opens.. Keep up the great work btw!
  4. Hey finally the game is released and i was woundering if clothes and other stuff will cost (ingame currency) instead of being free to have a more realistic feel like 5 bucks for a movie ticket. 30 cents per apple. 40 bucks for a sweater stuff like that? Like i said for a more realistic feel to the game
  5. Town square

    what i mean is can the devs maybe do a vidio about the Town Square where they walk around in it
  6. Town square

    Hey i was just wondering if it was posible to do a tour around the Town Square.
  7. Hey i was just wondering what will be the price for identity wehn it gets released? Will it be like gta v 40-50 dollars or more like 30 dollars a more affordable price tag
  8. i know the game is made in unreal engine but will it be sold on steam or orgin?
  9. Hello i was jusy wondering what is the system requirements to run the game?
  10. The beginning

    How will it look when i start? Will i spawn in a aparment? Will i spawn on the street? Do i have money?
  11. The beginning

    I press play what happens first...?