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  1. Why is there a payment to be made to advance ranks in your gang?
  2. Question about possibilities

    I dont mean, to fear rp people, I'm talking legitimate hostile takeovers through shareholding. Actual reallife mirroring economical systems. Dropping prices through massive marketshare and thus bancrupting smaller competitors. Bringing up the next question, Will there be player made laws against or enableing this. I love the idea, but from what i'm reading the possibilities can be endless or very limited depending on developer views.
  3. Hey there developers, I must say, I just discovered this project through a friend and I'm sold. This sounds like an awesome idea. But before I jump aboard I have a question for you guys. I have an idea about what I want to reach with my character, but the question is will it be possible. I want to build out an empire, a mix of legal and illegal activities. Where I become such a powerhouse politicians can't move around me. Think Illuminati stuff, were me and a group of likeminded super powerfull people can actually force our idea's upon the game by sheer economical power. Ofcourse this should be quiet the feat to achieve and by no means easy or garantueed to succeed. Will there be systems in game to achieve such a level of influence. Or will the actual power players can achieve be limited. I'm thinking about stuff like monopolies and systems to force other people out of the market, hostile company takeovers. Real life rockerfeller level off influence/power. Can you give a light on how this would pan out in your game world. If it is at all possible. Also If someone achieves such a level off power and his character gets killed, what would happen then in your view? Also what are the countermeasures you have taken against streamsniping and such especially when concerned to illegal activities. Love the idea, can't wait to play. Kind regards, Baramus, Soon to be shadowpower rulling over all off you by economical force (maybe )