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Found 2 results

  1. Kryukov Crime Familly Founded : 1970's Founded by : Mikhail Kryukov , Vladislav Bryukhanov Founding Location : Miami,Florida,USA Years active :1970's - present Membership : 20 made members, 500 associates PRESENTATION Mikhail Kryukov is the long-standing boss of the Kryukov crime family. Arriving in Miami in 1968 with close friend Vladislav Bryukhanov, Kryukov quickly set up extortion rackets in the italian and russian immigrant community. With Mikhail strategizing and Vladislav provided the muscle, the pair took control of the Miami Southport docks in the early 1970s, which made for easy smuggling alcohol and drugs. His family ruled the city for the next decade, operating discreetly with close ties to both politicians and police. Kryukov-Possad War Tension between the Kryukov and Possad families erupted into the Kryukov-Possad War. His Consigliere Vladislav conspired with Possad capo Serguei Maklilovich to bring an an end to the war by placing a bomb in maklilovich's car. This conflict ultimately cost Kryukov his underworld primacy. Current Operations Following the end of the Kryukov-Possad War, the Kryukov crime family controlled over eighty percent of the Mafia's business in Miami making it the most powerful family in the city. However, the war had weakened them significantly and the Kravchenko Crime Family moved in on many of their operations. Although they are not as powerful as they were in the past, they keep a tight grip on the docks and shipping industry via Anatoly Dyatlov, who is vital for their illegal import/export rackets. By late 1992, the Kryukov family had retaken their place asthe top family due to the deaths of serguei Mikalilovich and Vladimir Kalinka along with many of their men. Mikhail Kryukov Mikhail Kryukov was born in Soviet Russia in 1951 . After arriving in Miami in 1968 with close friend Vladislav Bryukhanov, Kryukov quickly set up extortion and smuggling rackets in the italian and russian immigrant community. Together they built the most successful criminal organization in the city's history with Vladislav providing the muscle and Mikhail the brains. Mikhail operates discreetly, having close ties to politicians and police. When tension between the Kryukov and Possad families erupted into Kryukov-Possad War. He emerged from the conflict victorious but weakened. He is one of the most feared and respected bosses in Miami with interests in construction and gambling. Kryukov also controls the Miami Southport dockworkers union, using his influence to bleed money from the merchant vessels that use his workforce. Controlling the port also enables him to smuggle black market goods into the city. He lives in a large mansion on the outskirts of Miami beach and owns The liberty bar, which uses it to launder money from his other less legitimate businesses. He also owns numerous racehorses and spends a lot of his time at the Miami Race Track. IMPORTANT PEOPLE Vladislav Bryukhanov Victor Bout Criminal activities : Drug trafficking weapons trafficking murder kidnapping racketeering extortion ransom theft fraud illegal gambling money laundering robbery fencing IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE Kryukov CRIME FAMILY MESSAGE ME Kryukov Mafia 2018
  2. Premise 1 - Allow players to own shops: Allow players to purchase or lease commercial real estate. Players will control every aspect of their store front, but day to day sales will still be operated by NPC's: What is sold and at what price, including maintaining inventory. Store name and logo, and advertising campaigns (TV, billboards, benches, etc...) Insurance options (assuming shops can be robbed and/or damaged) and security upgrade options (cameras, alarms, etc...). Layout of merchandise displays and interior decorating. Premise 2 - Shops are taxed or extorted depending on their location and status of gang controlled territory: Allow players to setup their shops in peaceful areas or gang controlled areas. There exist pros/cons of location choice. If a player's shop resides within a gang controlled area, it will be automatically taxed through extortion, at rates selected by the controlling gang, with the controlling gang receiving a percentage of profits. Additionally, the government will receive no taxes; however, the shop will need no security upgrades as it cannot be robbed due to implied gang protection, though it is more likely to get damaged due to gang warfare. It will also be able to sell illegal items. If a player's shop resides within a peaceful area, it will be automatically taxed through regular government taxation at rates selected by the controlling government, again, a percentage of profits. The shop can be robbed and cannot sell illegal items. Main Takeaways Owning a shop would be a major milestone for citizens to work towards and the ability to earn money while offline could be intriguing to players. Having to maintain an inventory would be a major hook to come back to the game on the regular. The potential to really customize one's business would be immense, including setting up distribution and supplier networks; warehouses and trucking for a purpose. Allowing players to choose to risk setting up their shops in gang controlled areas for the benefits could make game play richer and motivation of controlling gang territory more meaningful. Gangs would be motivated to control certain areas where potential income is higher, and develop their own networks with players of both legal and illegal merchandise distribution. The controlling government would be motivated to squash gang areas with more investment in police, due to lost tax income. Sorry, this was kind of rushed, but I'd be glad to clarify on any of the aspects of the idea!