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  1. el Padrino

    Salvador Lopez was 8 when he got in the drug life he quickly learned he was once going to rule over the system. He was born in a Quadalajara Mexico. He was taken at the age of 6 to sell candy in Mexico City for money. The people that took him were part of a gang called Latino Dangers. They sell candy, drugs, and Slaves. They tries to see if he was a good seller so they made him sell candy and see how many people bought from him. He made the most money out of any kid there. When he was 7 they took him to the boss"El Jefe'. He was very proud of Salvador so he sent him to United States,Chicago.When he got there gang members of the Latino Kings made him there boss because of how good he was at selling and manipulating people. At 17 businesses was great. One night he saw a kid being kidnapped by one of his members. The very next morning the guys who kidnapped the kid died... Salvador had killed them. He remembered how bad it was without his parents so he didn't want to do that to this kid. He dropped the kid off at his house and left Chicago. He went to New York because of the mafia was trying to get back on there feet sense the main fathers had been assassinated. He later found himself in the Mafia with not just original members but with new members and new style of the gang. They want to protect people and do hits for money and a good reason. They had to make a new name to hide the bad stuff they did in the past. He moved up in the top spot very quickly and is now leader of the El padrino. He saw a great opening in the town of Ash Hill so he did his magic....... This in English is "The God Father." This will be a group of people that hang with each other to protect and help any of the family members in trouble. We will own a clothing shop with suits called,"God Fathers:Suits and style." This will be a cover up job or a place to seem like "normal people"... We will help anyone that pays us or gives good deeds to the family. We hopefully will have some crucked cops that will hep us stay unidentified. We except people of all ethnicity and religions but the the Father ,Leader,comes first. I'm posting this to see reactions of people and see if this is a good idea if you like and you want to be a part of it please give me a comment and what you want to be in the gang. If the role can't be used I will tell you. Thanks