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  1. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    Porsche 911... ...or potentially 918 Spyder

    It would be cool if other players could be mechanics and fix/customise peoples cars for them, The “mechanic” would have to go to a spare parts shop to gets parts, for the player to become a mechanic they must have a background in engineering (a degree/diploma potentially). It would also work a bit like Car Mechanic Simulator. They go to junkyards, fix up some cars and then sell them to players (or keep them for themself). What do you think?
  3. Love's Guns

    Might shop for some weaponary later on down the line. Planning on occasionally hunting on weekends.
  4. Let's RP. Come have some tea with me in the corner booth.

    Hello, 1 green tea please. They have been working on this town square for a long time. I’ve had to rent a small house not too far from here. I hope this town square is done soon. Can’t wait to move in.
  5. Make Your Character

    Name: Tommy Clark Appearance: Fit, Short wavy brown hair, White T-Shirt. Race/ethnicity/nationality: White, Australian, Male. Personality: Caring, Responsible, Risk taker. Education: Degree in Design and Graduated high school. Sexuality: Straight. Misc Facts: 23 Years Old. Background: Saved up enough to move to the United States with his brother. Loves to surf and go on road trips.
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    Photographer and Designer. I am going to stay away from Crime and Violence and try to live a peaceful life.
  7. Santos RP

    Didn’t think I would find someone else that played SantosRP here! It’s probably the best executed Garry’s Mod RP Gamemode.
  8. Different Countries

    ahhh ok.
  9. Different Countries

    People could either go to the airport and buy a ticket to another country or take their own plane/boat. Of course these other islands will be implemented slowly overtime, its not like we are going to see any when the Town Square Module is released, and they are going to be nowhere near the size of the starting map/island. Reply below what you think and any other ideas about this.