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  1. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    We are playing Town Square ! Come join us and say hi
  2. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    Looks good, welcome aboard !
  3. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    Welcome aboard, I will PM you the discord link
  4. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    Thanks for applying, we will contact you on steam and I will add you on discord to explain some stuff
  5. Looking for Gang

    If you ever change your opinion on Mafia style families, come and say hi to us at the Fibonacci Family !
  6. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    We are still accepting applicants ! Fill out the form if you are interested ( we have good spots remaining)
  7. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    Probably call a dispatch crew from the family. Next thing you know he gets kidnapped and is never heard from again
  8. What guns do you want to see?

    "The Crime organisation is LEGALLY manufacturing weapons and selling them to the police" (I can totally see this happening)
  9. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    We will be happy to see you too (and possibly collaborate if you are interested)
  10. cost

    From what I heard it will cost around 45$ around release (which is far from now). This is only from what I have heard and not official information
  11. GraveDigger

    We may require your services (the digging ofc)
  12. Computer can't be booted

    Try unlocking it from safe mode ? If that is still possible ( i know it was in xp/vista/7 )
  13. The Fibonacci Family - Recruiting

    I like the reference (also add the 0 to that ??)