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Found 2 results

  1. The Fibonacci Family Short Bio : The Fibonacci Family was formed in the early 90's by the three Fibonacci Brothers : Vinchenzo, Kostadin and Bartolomeu. Together they form The Council which in itself is the governing body of the family. Born to an Italian father and Yugoslavian mother, the trio's childhood was anything but easy. Leonardo Fibonacci (the father) was a retired military veteran and their mother a housewife. Most of their early life they lived in poverty, just before their father decided to move to the USA in hopes of a better future and to live the American Dream. But life in the USA was nothing as expected. The whole family was homeless for the first 4 years. After getting part time jobs working as valets and studying at the same time Vinchenzo realized that this is no way to make money, and he had to study hard to succeed in life. The trio graduated high school and had a desire to pursue their education career and wanted to go to college. Unfortunately for them funds were short and that simply wasn't available. The trio spent the next 2 years working various jobs until they met a man in a black suit with shining shoes. That man turned out to be a wiseguy. Soon enough the trio went to college : Vinchenzo studied Criminology, Kosta Economics and Bartolomeu Psychology. After finishing college they realised that the 9 to 5 working routine is simply not for them, and using all the wisdom gained from the wiseguy and their grandfather (who was an early balkan bootlegger) they decided to become mafioso's and start their own family. The Family : (in case this didn't post here is the link ( As it stands our family has multiple ranks going from top to bottom 1- The Council : The Council consists of the core founders and their respective roles as 1.The Don - Overall leader of the family, controls everything related to family matters, commission meetings, appointing new members, hits and organised heists. 2. The Economist - The 2nd leader in charge of anything money related : most rackets, money laundering, everyone's income and takes, fees, bribes and works the families legal entities. 3. The Entrepreneur - The 3rd leader who is in charge of the organisation of most criminal activities along with running the illegal casino and gambling rackets. 2 - The Consigliere : The Consigliere is the next in command after the council. He is in charge of handling contacts which should not be handled by the Council themselves. He is also the family's legal councler and will be defending most of them in the court of law. He will be carrying out all the bribes that the Economist has thought of and approved and will have a room in the HQ along with the Council. 3 - The Underboss : The Underboss is essentially the person who organizes the capos and monitores their activity and earnings. He also assigns tasks to the capos who are under his jurisdiction, and the person who usually carries out the ordered hits. Any issues from below the ladder are handled by him. Each underboss leads 2 capos and in term has a total of 18 made man at his command. 4 - The Capo : The Capo is the middle manager in the family. He is the person who gives out the underboss's orders to the enforcers and usually is in charge of one of the families activities (for example : racketeering, drug manufacturing, arms deals, illegal gambling ... ) Each Capo Is in charge of 2 Enforcers and has a total of 8 people in his command. He is allowed to authorize, lead and carry out small to medium operations. 5 - The Enforcer : The enforcer is the first promotion that a loyal solider will get. Enforcers are in charge of a small tactical team of 3 people and usually are used to ease the tactical command of capos. They lead their squadron in small operations (such as robing a store) and are in charge of the protection detail. 6 - The Soldier : The First of the "made man". The soldier (unlike the associate under him )has the privilege to be a member of the family and enjoys high status and protection in society. Soldiers are the back bone of the family and they do all the tasks that higher ranks order them to do without question. If loyal and proven good they might get promoted further in the ladder. 7 - The Associate : The Associate is a person that has ties to the family, but is not made. Be it a corrupt police officer, a delivery driver or simply someone who wants to prove himself enough to become made, the associate is the person that does most of the dirty work. Family Affairs Due to the game not being released yet we can only speculate what will be included in the final release. This is what we expect and hope to be doing when the game releases Racketeering, Extortion, Illegal Gambling, Drug Production, Drug Trafficking, Kidnap and Ransom, Heists and Roberies, Booking, Arms Production, Arms Dealing etc. Family Rules 1. When joining the family, you must take an oath of omerta. That binds you with the family until your death. Breaking it will result in your death. 2. Loyalty is a big driving force in this organisation. It can take you far in both ways so make sure not to break it. 3. Snitching is not allowed. Snitches don't get stitches, they get burred 6 feet under. 4. Follow the leader ! You must obey everyone that is a higher rank than you, even if you think that their decision is not good. 5. You are not allowed to be seen with the police unless it has been authorized by your superiors. 6. Be of an age larger than 16. We expect mature people who will be ready to roleplay 7. Respect the time of the other members in the family and show up on appointments on time 8. You are not allowed to talk to anyone who is not a member of the family about the organisation. (Not even your wife) 9. The murder of a made man can only be ordered either by the Council or the Commission, if you see someone made get murdered tell your superior immediately 10. Inner family fighting is not allowed. Save your strength for our enemies 11. Have fun, its only a game ! (but it is a way of life too) How to apply In order to apply fill in the application form : If any other organisation or company leader wants to discuss an alliance or a working relationship send me a DM here ! * I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors, English is not my first language.
  2. La Cosa Nostra

    Welcome to La Cosa Nostra, or this thing of ours, we are a criminal corporation which will expand across the land. We will grow together as some of the closest and most lucrative families out there. Join us and I promise you one thing, you will make more money than you know what to do with. Oath -Don't get in the way of making money. -Don't say anything to the police or anyone outside the family. -Don't touch the drug business. -Keep a low profile -Respect your superiors Now let me elaborate on this. If you try to whack someone who is making us good money or screw with them then we may have you whacked as well. If you get caught by the police you never say a word to them, if you do then you won't wake up the next day that includes no talking about business in front of outsiders. Also, no drugs. The drug business brings too much heat and is too risky just don't get involved. We are not a bunch of thugs, don't sit around and throw up "gang signs" keep a low profile and keep your life. Finally, if you are given an order you will follow it to the letter, I don't care if you are ordered to kill a close friend or relative, follow orders and respect superiors. Well, with that out of the way now I can move on to what the jobs will be Personal Bodyguard: You are the only person who will actually see me in person and you must protect me at all costs. Others will hear from me over the phone or text so that it is less likely for me to get caught and so I can keep La Cosa Nostra on its feet, unless I decide it is necessary for us to meet. Anyway, this person may be ordered to kill the underboss if I feel that he is attempting a hostile takeover. Acting Boss: You will act as my face. and take care of the day-to-day in the field. However, if you hold this position don't let the power get to your head and think you run the show. Consigliere: You are not an official part of the family, however, you supply us with connections and money and act as a sort of bank and adviser. In order to apply for this job you must have a decent amount of money and you must have many outside connections through businesses or government. It would also be recommended if you had plenty of ideas for us as well. Underboss: You will manage over capos and make sure that they are all collecting money. If they aren't we will have some enforcers deal with them. Capo: Capos will be given their own little territory to hold as well as a few rackets in that territory. You will also have access to soldiers within your own crew. You can do whatever you want with your crew and your territory as long as you withhold our oath. Soldiers: These are the floor workers of the family and do most of the dirty work. These are the enforcers, the hitmen, the gun-runners, and so on. These guys get the jobs done and are the foundation for this thing of ours. This is where most will start at and are not made members yet. The Insiders: These are the people we can count on to help us in a jam. These guys are not made members but are protected because they help us out in return. (Police officers, doctors, politicians, businessmen, and more are welcome) Message me directly if you are interested! Don't want the police to see who we have now do we