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  1. Art work

    Why can't I paint on my canvas when others can? The icon shows but when I hit it nothing happens.
  2. Games like Identity

    It's not Identity at all, you have a low bar for what you believe is equal.
  3. Games like Identity

    After looking at all of the above the answer is...NO there isn't another game like Identity.
  4. I'm going to buy a super fast pc after the first module release.
  5. Devs are still testing...

    I'm waiting for another "genius" to put up a couple of links to basic environment building ONLY and claim to have never seen the GAME PLAY inventory system in Identity video posts. smh
  6. Sooner than the boo-birds think and right on time for the rest of us not on medication. $500.00 invested for over a year and I'm satisfied. 'Nuff said.
  7. So... what's happening?

    Obviously we are only seeing TS not all of the work done on the entire world map. Plus developing a game is more complex than just making generic scenes like the links you have posted.
  8. Hello from Germany :)

    Hallo! Wir sprechen verschiedene Sprachen, aber die Identität wird uns alle zusammenbringen. :)
  9. So... what's happening?

    I have $500.00 invested for over a year and have zero problem with not having my hand held. Just watch the tracker and let the team finish TS.
  10. I believe Identity has the capacity to be a game like Runescape where players have been active 14+ years now, if it's position as 'first of kind', is allowed to explode. Not all concepts I'm floating are for right now but seeds need to be planted early for something like this particular one to take off. When funds start flowing in after full release is probably the best time to put it together. I wouldn't be surprised if you aren't approached by some major industry players eventually or venture funds interested in this space. If you have ideas like this well fleshed out and in the pipeline it could be to your great advantage.
  11. Thank you for your thoughtful response, however I need to clarify my post as we are comparing apples and oranges at this point. My concept is to expand Identity (already the most ground breaking concept for an individual game in history in my opinion) into the home base for every other great game ever made. The Vertiport (Not Airport) in my suggestion is the jump off point to entirely new games not developed by Asylum, those third party games could end up in time being over 1000+ so you would have the menu system I suggested to search and choose what you are looking for. Want to do a 3 hour mini game developed by an expert in deep sea treasure hunting, it's here! Compete in an EA Sports type basketball tournament where all four other players on your team are true friends from Identity? It's here! Some games could attempt the ground breaking direction Identity is introducing to the world, but most however would likely be either single player vs environment or other typical game set ups. Some games would be free, some would have a buy now button sharing income with Asylum. I'm thinking of a replacement of the STEAM game distribution system that allows creators to develop entire games to explore with your Identity character, rather than mods within the Identity world.
  12. Identity should release a developers kit around their game engine/mechanics and release it to the public. On the Identity map there would be a small airport called a Vertiport. A player drives his car into a container that will be airlifted to a new destination. Once in the container a menu pops up on the desired location (eventually hundreds or even thousands of options that can be searched by popularity, topic, game time, rating etc.) Each of these new locations is a privately developed game or mini game either free, to promote the game designers work, or for a price with a percentage going to Asylum. Why create a new Identity for every game you play? Your Identity character becomes a permanent fixture and friends you make that join you playing various modules will already be there on your friends list. Let Identity become the new "Stream", as game developers see the merit of this new more immersive form of gaming community.
  13. Still no updates?

    They are obviously working on the toughest parts now, a task was moved to testing so we are seeing the final run to release.
  14. I In my past business dealings I've had clients that wanted a lot of feedback that wasn't given as I preferred to tackle the real work. They were always happy in the end but maybe had some sleepless nights. Your viewpoint is appreciated and you have a valid perspective.