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  1. Oof

    why was my post deleted ?

    the apartments wont have the same layout as the pledge rewards?
  3. Getting Keys!

    is this real @Paratus???
  4. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    so the packages will all still be available once the game launches on onto steam/? i thought they were heavily discounted at price for a certain time?
  5. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    how am i able to see anything when a blueprint is just a 2d image? and how does anyone play town square when they didnt even put money down on the project to begin with? You make ZERO sense... your pretty much telling me to go in BLIND and and off off of some blueprints to pick a package and go......must be nice to work for the development team and see everything in front of you every day when yet all of us here on the forums are pledging blindly and have no idea what we are getting... he transparency lately is getting me and a lot of other people very very sick
  6. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    these are not completed photos of the apartments these photos are sooooooo OLDDDDD i mean i think we should get more recent kind for a change?
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    i am talking about finished photos and videos of these apartments..... did not know i have to buy a 30 dollar package just to preview a set of apartments these should all be done by now???? so can we please have some finished photos or maybe someone can do a tour and do a video of all the different types of places there are.... floor plans are not enough for me or someone else to shell out their RL hard earned money for some white un textured unfinished photos so can we have that done please? i agree brosky why put money down blindly and not see what you will receive knowing you should of gotten a lesser pr higher package deal after seeing what it all looks like instead of going in blind at least you got a heads up of what your paying for and what your walking into on day 1.
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    can we get screenshots of the different apartments ? that are in each housing thing we can buy?
  9. Much upgrade higher prices now

    right the old prices were going to stay the same for a week when the new website went live..... after a week they would go up in price come on now!!!!
  10. Town Square Player Housing

    hes saying if you already pledge for a lower package he cant go back and re pledge again to be able to get a higher package that comes with a apartment if he so does choose.
  11. Town Square Player Housing

    why run round and preview stuff when you already pledged for soemthing and cant have it then? its just a tease
  12. Town Square Player Housing

    right which makes a lot of sense cause idk why wait now to show stuff to people when they already pledged? so i hope we can get a look at all these apartments on like a said realtor type tv show stream of all the options
  13. Town Square Player Housing

    idk how your going to show off apartments when you already pledged? you cant do a "repledged" since those items will only be up for a week so can we have a realtor stream all the apartmens so we can see which one is good for ourselves???? @Paratus @Motown @Beach_Ball @LuckyDuck @JamesLuck01 ????
  14. Town Square Player Housing

    i know right.... i mean you put down 30 dollars to get into the town sqaure... how are you able to change your pledge to get a bigger apartment once you see one and are in the game...does that make sense? so maybe with the new website you will be able to purchase something after the new site comes out and you already are a pledger??? i dont get it ......... they should show all of these apartments on a stream and tell us the cost of each one so we know what we are getting into......