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  1. Weapons Skins

    yeh i asked this a long time ago i wouldnt want to see neon green guns in game though only realistic skins like engraved gold and such
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    Im part of atlas security already
  3. Money

    More then 2 cuz what I read it was only 2
  4. Money

    Shame we all camt have a house together and split the rent
  5. Subscription

    I have met many kids on pc who are mature console is a different story tho lol and for paying I only want to pay once unless im getting a advantage in some way
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    A xmilitary working as security and gunstore owner bringing self defense to the good people of the area one bullet at a time:)
  7. Jailtime

  8. Jailtime

    I hated and loved cityliferpg2 jailtimes they were stackable and high like attempted murder was 45m and you had to be ingame and not afk for your jail time so it made you not wanna break the law and if you did you made sure to cover your asses lol tho I get not many people want long jail time they wanna kill a cop go to jail for 10m n go back at it cuz jail is boring
  9. art

    I like art irl and think it would be cool not to just paint in game but create sculptures out of wood and stone and sell them to galleries
  10. Roomates

    Ill need a roommate:)
  11. i will arrest everysingle one of you!

    Hes racist against the gamming human race lol
  12. ARMA

    Anyone wanna play arma together?