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Found 3 results

  1. Copyrights

    I know the Devs talked about copyrights in game and how other people couldn't take your company name but could take your logo. Does this copyright system span the whole game or just a server? Can someone just steal my name and move to a different server with it?
  2. Payment Question

    I have a question about payments in destiny. Either between companies or just individuals. What is to stop say a company who had someone drive something somewhere to refuse to pay the driver? is there something in place to prevent that? Other than getting the Police involved
  3. So after reading the FAQ a bit more in dept I saw this sentence in one of the questions: "Players cannot access another players home without an invitation." This makes me a bit concerned since that means no robbing of players houses will be possible. Robbing houses is one of the most fun and thrilling things to do in Gmod DarkRP, and if the developers think that robbing peoples houses will have a negative impact on the housing aspect, here are my suggestions: * Give players the ability to buy alarms for their houses (Locks come with the house). * Nerby cops and the player owning the house gets alerted immediately when a house alarm has gone off. * Robbers have to buy a crowbar/lockpick to be able to get inside of the house if the door is locked. * Crowbars/lockpicks will be very limited in stores. * Robbers are only able to slowly carry one object/furniture at a time making the robbing process take loads of time. * Players can buy cameras which can be accessed via your phone (this will probably take loads of time to implement and I don't think it's really that necessary). * To keep certain things safe in the house, players can buy safes. * Robbers are only able to rob a house if it's empty of players (Just to keep the houses safe places to chill and hang out with firends) With only a few of these suggestions implemented, robbing houses would become very hard, which is a good thing since you wouldn't want players houses to constantly get robbed. Also one thing to keep in mind is that the houses in DarkRP are often empty which means that you can easily find the valuable stuff fast, while in Identity, the houses will be filled with loads of furniture making the search harder for robbers. I really hope that the developers will consider these suggestions since I think it would add to the immersion of a game like Identity. EDIT: After some discussion I feel like I need to clearify a few things. Since the developers have said that the only way to enter a house is through an invitation, because the performance will be an issue, I will try to explain my ideas how this could be fixed. So since houses will feature an instanced loadingscreen, the robber could be transfered into the house with a loadingscreen, exactly the same as when a player gets invited. The only difference is that the robber didn't get an invitation. And for example if a player could only invite 10 people to a house, then only 5 robbers and 5 cops should be able to enter the house and there wouldn't be any noticeable differences in the performance. The only problem with this is that if the loading times are long, there could be situations where the cops and robbers could be in a loadingscreen at the same time, which would result in them passing by eachother without the cops or the robbers noticing eachother. The solution to this problem could be to have a display on the door indicating if a player is about the get in/out of the house, or have a blurred verson of the avatar remain standing outside the door while loading. Another thing with the houses is that they are places where you are able to just chill out with friends and such, without any action or robbers. How to fix this problem is to only make robbers able to rob the house if there are no players inside (which includes the owner and the players invited).