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  1. Kibo To Yume Law Firm

    Nice work on this post!

    Love the detail put into the setup, you don't see that in many companies made recently
  3. Shady Inc - Defense Lawyers

    Probably should get rid of the default text on your website
  4. I know that we would be very interested in working with you. I will have one of our CEO's @VelocityLogisticscontact you.
  5. LORDS

    All good
  6. LORDS

    First of all: You can but there will be consequences such as being banned from the server Second: Please fix your grammer Lastly: You can't even be bothered to type out your slogan instead of copy and pasting it from a previous post
  7. LORDS

    I also know how to look up "Rule quotes" on google and pick the first result. Not sure how that helps our conversation or your predicament of following the rules laid out by the devs. "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso
  8. LORDS

    I mean it's against the rules unless you are gonna host your own personal server...
  9. LORDS

    Police Officers aren't allowed to be corrupt in-game. At least on official servers.
  10. Luprano Family

    Also I don’t believe they’ve stated how many people to a gang
  11. Luprano Family

    Isn’t that what capos and street bosses are for? So they can divide them into smaller groups.
  12. Luprano Family

    90 useless? where does that information come from?
  13. Luprano Family

    Glad to see everything up and running. Crazy that the Luprano's seem to have close to over 100 members
  14. Black Diamond Enterprises

    Pretty sure you spelled Luprano wrong...
  15. Angelo crime family

    What makes you any different from the dozens of other crime families on here? Especially when most have at least 10+. I mean the Luprano's have 100+ so how do you compete with that?